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News and Notes from Michigan State Football: S and Captain Trenton Robinson Edition!

News and Notes from Spartan Football

MSU captain and future NFL safety is an emotional and talented player. That is why there was so much anticipation to talk to him about this rivalry game. He didn’t disappoint.

He started out of fire talking about the rivalry and what it means to the program. “I mean, it's the biggest game of the year for us. I feel like everybody knows that, and he emphasizes that this is a game that we have to win. This isn't Michigan, Michigan State, this is a game for recruiting. This is a game to win over fans. This is the biggest game of the year for us, and he lets us know this is a must-win game.”


The Spartans last year were the first team to contain Dennard Robinson. How is that? “Coach Narduzzi came up with a great game plan. You really just got to contain him. You can't let him get vertical. He's fast. We've got to close down those seams, because if he gets space to just get vertical, you can see what he can do. That is one of the biggest things is ton let him get vertical.”


This game has not always mattered to UM as much as MSU. Does it now that the Spartans have won three straight? “I hope so. I mean, like I said before, it's recruiting, it's everything. It's an in-state rivalry. You've got to win; you've got to play. If this isn't on your schedule as one of the biggest games of the year, then what are you doing?”


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There are a lot of players on the MSU team from MSU. How personal is this game? “This is personal even for some of the guys even from Ohio. Like coach said, Ohio State was a huge game, but this is, like I keep saying, this is Michigan - Michigan State. To go and get an opportunity to play them again in our stadium is just -- I can't wait. I know that no one on our team -- we can't wait. We'll be fired up, enthusiasm, everything. I don't really -- I can't explain how I'm supposed to feel, but you'll see it on Saturday.”


Was having the bye week before Michigan a bad thing. Can they be to amped up? “No, we'll be ready. The week off was good I think for a lot of guys to get healthy. Myself included, to get healthy, get my body feeling right. You just can't be over. This is it. This is that game for us that's like we got to win and go and beat them four years in a row, it would be great.”


Obviously he didn’t hide his feeling about Michigan. Care to share them Trenton? “I really don't want to go all into that. I don't want to go all into that. But I mean you see on Saturdays and everybody else see it's on Saturdays. I'm not going to go into that. I am emotional, and I don't want to get all involved in that right now.”


This defense is carrying the team. Why has the MSU defense taken it up another notch? “We all work hard. Everybody believes in each other on our defense. It feel goods to know the guy next to you will have your back no matter what the situation, no matter if you miss a tackle or anything, everybody's going to be there and boost each other up. I feel like that's a huge part.

There is no negative on our defense. A team will get a play, and everybody's like, okay, this is what we practice year round for. Let's rally and get it done.”