Ohio Lineman Muscles His Way onto Spartan Radar


One thing about recruiting — the train keeps on rolling. With the commitment of DeWitt High School's Paul Jorgensen, an offensive line prospect, to Northwestern, the eyes of the Michigan State coaching staff have shifted to other pastures, and one in Ohio appears particularly fruitful.

Skyler Schofner, from Sunbury in the Buckeye State, has leapt to the front of the picture in Spartan recruiting. The Big Walnut High School offensive lineman towers over his high school opponents at 6-foot7, 285 pounds. Schofner's biggest advantage at present is simply overpowering his opposition. From highlight tapes, it's clear Schofner is chiseled to play at the next level.

On both the offensive and defensive lines, Schofner makes springing off the ball and knocking people on their keisters look routine. While all young linemen will be required to adapt to the increased talent level on the college stage, Schofner, at least, looks ready to suit up tomorrow.

Pancakes are almost a given on many of the snaps Schofner participates in, highlighting his explosiveness off the line of scrimmage. His long arms and athletic lower body make him an ideal candidate for the tackle position at the next level. And while he'll be relegated to one side of the ball when he suits up for one lucky college program, in high school he plays both ways.

On the defensive side of the ball, Schofner's attributes are abundantly clear. In addition to initial explosiveness and ability to find the man he is assigned to grapple with, on defense, Schofner's ability to move in space is highlighted. Whether it's finding the right pursuit angle or tracking down a ball carrier from the backside, it's clear that as a lineman, Schofner brings both bulk and athleticism to the table.

Schofner has a couple dozen offers in hand, so his potential is no secret. Michigan State appears to have made inroads into his recruitment, but the competition is thick. Other schools to have offered include South Carolina, North Carolina, Kansas, Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan and Boston College.

Although Schofner has been courted by the Wolverines, the Spartans are sitting in a fine position without any committed O-lineman to date for 2010. And with Jorgensen out of the picture, Schofner appears to be as good a candidate as any to become the first non-Michigan recruit to jump on the Spartan bandwagon. Other Ohio linemen have been wooed by MSU, including Christian Pace (Michigan), Matt Rotheram and Andrew Donnal. But Schofner, keeping a low profile, has quietly made an impression on college coaches, and if MSU lands the prized giant, be prepared for more headlines touting the recruiting freight train barreling through Spartan Nation.

Spartan Nation will have more on Schofner and his recruiting situation soon, but in the meantime, check out his highlight tape here.

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