Penn State Joe Paterno


He began joking with media about keeping his comments short and about how much he has missed the media especially in july." But he returns enjoying coaching, football and being with the young people. "I'm enjoying it, and I got a heck of staff."  

He thinks Illinois and Wisconsin are doing the right thing scheduling later games this season. He think the Big Ten has a disadvantage that other conferences don't have with a big layoff after the last game and bowl game. He thinks USC had obvious advantage last year.

He admits he doesn't have a clue what a "tweedledoo" is. Call it reading between the lines but I don't think he twitters but he joked by saying he'd love for someone to send him a love letter.

Some notes, he doesn't think its fair for the NCAA to vacate Bobby Bowden's wins. He thinks there's an advantage on playing games later in season as opposed to a huge layoff before the bowl season.

If you like to contact JoePa don't log onto twitter now he made it clear he doesn't "twittle."

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