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Spartan Football News and Notes 12/22/10 Edition


The Spartans are ready to ROCK and roll in Orlando.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

The Spartans are ready to ROCK and roll in Orlando. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Mark Dantonio and the Spartans have 16 commitments right now for the 2011 class. When Mark Dantonio accepts a commitment from a young man, he informs them he expects them to be done with visits and to be “Rock solid.”


To the victor goes the spoils. Several national recruits have contacted MSU. MSU is in another great position to have its third straight top tier recruiting class. There are a couple of sets of recruits from the same school that MSU is still very much in on, and a couple of players who already have a teammate committed.


Sure being approached and in on top-flight recruits is a good thing, but it can also cost you. MSU recently saw a very good recruit and young man look elsewhere because he saw it would be an uphill battle to get on the field.


The loss of B.J. Cunningham is significant for the bowl game. Not the end of the world, but significant. BJC has been Mr. Big Catch in 2010, but WR is the one position the Spartans could take a major hit at.


I spent some significant time with Mark Dantonio recently. If you missed that interview you can CLICK RIGHT HERE. He is relaxed and ready. If you think about it, other than a few true freshmen this team is essentially the same group from last year. The amazing thing is that this group became a team. 


A lot of people gave Dantonio grief when he talked about how close this team was last year. Still think he was spinning?


So, where are all of Narduzzi’s critics now?


If I would have told you four years ago today that Mark Dantonio would have four straight bowls, a Big Ten Title, played for another on the last game of the year, and would hold the MSU all time season record for wins would you have taken it? You bet you would have.


This class of MSU seniors has set the all time record in MSU’s illustrious 114-year history for wins by a class. Props gentleman.


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If you don’t get Spartan Nation Magazine you should. We have an amazing story about Joel Foreman that you don’t want to miss.


When MSU beats Alabama, Mark Dantonio will have as many wins in four seasons at the helm of MSU as Nick Saban did in five. Just saying.


J’Michael Deane and D.J. Young as guards at the next level intrigue some NFL scouts I have been talking to.


Of all the seniors, Mark Dell’s NFL future has the most riding on the Cap One Bowl. Mark came around this year and had a great year. He has grown up and isn’t the same young man. I am so proud of him.


When you look at the three Alabama losses, they came when teams used the pass to set up the run. If you let them load the box (and they will) and stop your run, they win. Passing to open the run up forces them not to stack because their pass D is their Achilles Heel. They are a great run stopping team because they impose their will and stop the run. When you force them to change, teams succeed.


Kirk Cousins isn’t Cam Newton, but MSU has a lot of sets and schemes to get the K Mart and Bennie Fowler’s of the world into space. They also can open some doors for other players. 


Give Treadwell a month to game plan against anyone and I give him the edge. 


I for one can't wait to see Dion Sims back next season. A young man has a small group of people growing up he should be able to trust. Dion is a good kid that got involved in something bad. Something that people he should have been able to trust were involved in. Not saying Dion wasn't wrong. What I am saying is I like the kid, and think he has learned and will move on and do well. Unless something new surfaces and I don't see that happening, I for one will be thrilled to see him back practicing and working towards a great career.


LeVeon Bell earned a lot of respect from his teammates for how he performed in the second half of the season. When Edwin ROCK Baker got hot and his reps decreased he never moaned or complained. Several players have commented a long the lines that he will be an amazing star, and his maturity and team first attitude only proved it.