Spartan Nation Brings it Strong!

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It was talked about before the game. It was heard during the game. It was appreciated after the game. What was it? It was Spartan Nation at its finest.Â



When I arrived at the stadium, I thought it was going to be your typical hostel, on the road, Big Ten environment against a 5-0 Wildcat team. But what I saw was thousands of

MSU fans; two very quickly made me feel like I was back in East Lansing.  



In fact, judging by the amount of energy the State fans brought, I think the Coach Dantonio’s team was fooled into believing they were at home as well. The Spartans came prepared, enthusiastic and poised. A near perfect quarter gave the team a 17-0 lead and they wouldn’t look back.Â



After the game, Dantonio even commented about how much this support means to the team and program. Coach Dantonio wants you to keep it up. Next weekend, the Buckeyes travel to East Lansing with Big Ten title hopes on the line. 



They have already announced a “Green Out” will be in effect for the game, and Spartan Stadium needs to turn into the 12th man on the field.



From alumni to current students everyone needs to loud and proud. Proud to be a Spartan, proud to be witnessing a team with hopes of a Big Ten title, proud of a coaching staff who’s preparing their team for victory, and most importantly proud of a program that’s back on the track to victory.