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What an absolutely exciting opening season for all football fans, especially Spartans! Not only have the Spartans pulled off an impressive first game win against UAB, but the Spartans showed up ready to play yet again against Bowling Green and came up with a great victory. What an outstanding job by our beloved Spartans, and with the Lions winning opening day and that team from Ann Arbor blowing their season so early on, I have so much pride and excitement for the upcoming football season. Although we must give the players their fair share of credit, I want to take this time to thank another Spartan institution that is just as important to a Spartan victory as Zeke the Wonder Dog. Yes, of course I am talking about the good old Spartan Student Section!!

I must admit that the Spartan Student Section has showed up and made permanent residence in the psyche of opposing squads. Opposing teams visiting Spartan Stadium tremble under the booming applause and boisterous throngs of green and white screaming the Holy Scripture that is the Spartan Fight Song!! Their attitude and spirit has been phenomenal to say the least. An hour before the game the section is already half-filled with excited young fans ready to root for their Spartans until their voices give out and their eyeballs bulge. They’ve even added a few new gimmicks to get the crowd fired up. With the advent of modern technology and current feature length film propaganda, the Spartans have adopted new forms of rowdiness by adding clips from the gruesome “300” to rally the troops for another Spartan victory. The students are rowdier than ever, and although a bit vulgar at times (lets remember that we should carry ourselves with pride and an air of class, and lets keep the swearing on the low, for the kids!) the students are never hesitant to let the referees know how they really feel. The boos from the Student Section after a few choice plays in which Spartans may or may not have recovered fumbles were loud enough (and long enough) to drown out all noise from Grand River to Jolly.  All of these components are essential in completing what may be the best cheering section in all of college football. Although not a professional analyst by far, I still think it is quite fair to say that when the fans are enveloped in the game, the players are fired up and play with intensity, resulting in exceptional performances.

As a Spartan, my heart fills with pride and joy when I hear the chants, cheers, and jeers coming from that southeast end zone. I look back and reminisce over the unforgettable years I’ve been fortunate enough to spend with my fellow Spartans in that very same Student Section. In my never-ending quest to COVER THE STORY, I have to admit that I have a stellar view of the game from on the field. As privileged as I am to be able to cover these games, and with all due respect to the editor, there are times that I wish I was up in the crowd with the rest of the students, dancing to the tuba line of the Spartan marching band, or riding the wave of fans after a Spartan touchdown. I really cherished those days, and as a Spartan student privileged enough to sit in the greatest cheering section in all of college football, you should too.

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