Star 2013 DE Recruit Davin Bellamy Has His Eyes on the Spartan Nation

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Mark Dantonio and Pat Narduzzi will easily have a top five defense in the nation this coming season. The continued pursuit of high school talent that satisfies fans and makes Brady Hoke shake in his Adidas low tops has ensured that the Spartan defense will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

The latest Defensive End to be pursued by the Green and White is Davin Bellamy of Chamblee, GA , a member of the 2013 recruiting class. Bellamy is a hot commodity on the market. He has so many offers he can’t even keep them straight!

“Right now, the internet says I have 29 [offers }…but its probably 33, I have so many I cant even keep up.” Bellamy’s terrific footwork has made him popular among top division 1 coaches.  Before he focused all of his time on the game of football, he won HS basketball player of the year honors in Georgia. His raw talent and athletic ability have carried him as he continues to improve his football smarts. “This is the first summer that I can focus on football” said Bellamy. “Right now I’ve been playing off of raw talent, this summer I want to hit the weight room hard and really learn this game of football.” The Defensive end wont be an easy sign for the Spartans as the Georgia native has amassed 10 SEC offers already, including his most recent offer, from Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide. There is a nice Georgia contingent on the MSU roster, but Bellamy won’t let distance or friends get in the way of his recruitment decision. He will attend the school that is the best fit for him, academically and football wise. “You always want to have somebody going [to school with you] to connect there early,” explained Bellamy. “With some guys being [at MSU] from Georgia, I think they understand where I’m coming from. Michigan State is always going to be a top 10-top 7 team for me because their resume speaks for itself. It doesn’t depend
on friends going with me; I’m just going to play football.”

Though from the outside the Spartans may be at a disadvantage in his recruitment, Bellamy only had praise for Michigan State. He last saw the Spartans play against Georgia in the Outback Bowl and liked what he saw. The factor that has captured Bellamy’s attention is MSU’s ability to produce NFL caliber talent.

“We all play this game growing up as little kids and we all dream of one day playing on that big stage,” said Bellamy. “Ultimately, my goal with playing college football is to get an education but it is also to go to that next level and to play for a program that will help me get to that next level. Michigan State has proven to me
[that it can get me to the NFL]. A school that can get me to the league, that’s really what I’m looking for.”

Bellamy didn’t even know that Michigan State was recruiting him intently, that was until Narduzzi showed up in person to check him
out. The highly sought after prospect was stunned when one of the top defensive minds in football took time out to see him.

“He called me out of class and when I saw his name on his t-shirt I was shocked,” explained Bellamy. “I never received an email, I didn’t even know I was being recruited [by MSU]. I went up there and started talking with him. He said to me they don’t just offer any player, but that had an offer for me and I was ecstatic.��€

Bellamybroke the news on Spartan Nation Radio that he will, "For sure,"  be taking one of his five official visits to East Lansing and Spartan fans can expect to see his trademark smile on campus when he arrives.

“I think there too much to live for than to be walking around town with a sad face on,” said Bellamy. “Even when I’m going through adversity, I just like to smile and shake it off. Like I say, you only live once and so you cant walk around acting all sad and mad all the time. I love playing the game of football, so even when I’m playing football I have a smile on my face.”