The Good, The Bad & The Ugly With Spartan Football

Hondo S. Carpenter

A disappointing 2019 season came to an end in New York City for the Michigan State Spartans in late December. Today Mark Dantonio (who has watched his program take a downward direction in the last four seasons) received his contract stated $4.3 million dollar bonus. But that bonus doesn't make the program magically well. There are issues inside the Duffy Daugherty Building.

Dantonio talked about the young players who got some good reps this off season after the Pinstripe Bowl.  "I think the young guys playing was really about hitting the reset button for them. They played, take a step back, what have I done, how can I get better. "

He specifically said, "Tre Mosley has a couple good catches in the game, huge catch. Almost goes for six. Makes a catch, turns up the sideline. I think two third-down catches maybe. "

He continued, "Julian Barnett has a catch. We played Nick Samac and J.D. Duplain on the offensive line. Both of those guys played a lot. Adam Berghorst…Matt Seybert sweeped his knee early in the bowl practices…(Berghorst) played a lot of plays. He was a guy who had virtually played very little coming into this football game. "

He also said, "We had young guys playing. That was good for them, to experience a win in a bowl game. I thought it was an exciting game. Excited about it. Guys are very excited about the win."

The Spartans now head into an off-season that will be again be surrounded by questions regarding the future of the Michigan State coaching staff. Mark Dantonio has made no statements or changes, while numerous college football programs have.

But questions about the members of the offensive staff still remain as the Spartans continued to struggle offensively.

In the above video, Spartan Nation longtime contributor Coach Chuck Grenier joins me for a frank conversation on the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY with Spartan Football. It is thorough and fair.

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