The Other Sideline: What Does Nebraska Think About Playing Michigan State?

An insightful interview with a Nebraska fan and what they see from their sidelines.
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Megan might be the most passionate person I know about Nebraska sports and specifically football.

Just check her twitter out and you'll see her passion for her beloved Huskers, her @ is even "hotmesshusker" and engages with fans all over Nebraska country. She also is a co-host on Poppin' Kernels which is a podcast that gives an insight on Nebraska sports.

In short, she eats, sleeps, and breaths Husker football and I thought she would be a perfect candidate to give me some insight on what it's like to be a Nebraska fan and what they were thinking going into Saturday night.

Q. What's it like to have a quarterback and player like Adrian Martinez, that is so dynamic as both a passer and a runner and how do you think he helps open up the entire offense for the Cornhuskers?

A. "Adrian has had an up and down career at Nebraska but he's incredibly talented and a great kid. His ability to make something out of nothing is beautiful to watch. Our offensive line is inexperienced but he's able to bail them out a little bit with his ability to run and make things happen. He's a gamer, and I'm glad he's a Husker."

Q. Besides Adrian, what would you say Nebraska's biggest strength is position wise?

A. "Before the season started I would have said defensive line, with the experience the Huskers returned and the size and strength to stop the run, I wouldn't have to think about my answer at all. Now a few games in, while the defensive line has been improved, I'm going to say the biggest strength is the linebackers. They're playing at a level beyond I thought they were capable led by former walk-on Luke Reimer who leads the Big Ten in tackles."

Q. What do you think the most disappointing thing about Scott Frost has been and what is the confidence that he can turn it around?

A. "The most disappointing thing under Frost is the number of games Nebraska has been in and could've won but haven't. They seem to invent new ways to lose which is entertaining for everyone else but incredibly frustrating for Cornhusker fans. I think the the coaching staff came to the Big Ten with a plan and have had to call audibles to adjust to the league. I don't think the confidence level is that high across the state, but I think most of the fanbase (okay, maybe just me) is ready to give him time if only for the fact changing coaches every four years isn't exactly a recipe for success either."

Q. What are you worried about most going into the Michigan State matchup?

A. "There's a dude named Kenneth Walker that concerns me a little. He'll be the best running back Nebraska has faced this year by a wide margin."

Q. How well do Nebraska fans travel? Are they getting intimated by the woodshed at all?

A. "We've had two away games this year and I've been to both. Husker fans are known for their loyalty, we show up in droves for our team! We are intimated by NOTHING."

I did also ask for a game score prediction for the game but Megan declined, sighting she has superstitions about doing any kind of predictions which is admirable trait that I have to respect.

That's just a little insight on what it's like to be a Nebraska fan and a little preview of what we can expect seeing from the Nebraska faithful this Saturday night in East Lansing.