Thoughts and Anecdotes from the MSU win over FAU and other Notes from Around the Spartan Nation

Hondo S. Carpenter

Thoughts and Anecdotes from the MSU win over FAU and other Notes from Around the Spartan Nation


  1. I don't understand the rush to rip Hoyer. Admittedly, he did not look good in either the Cal loss or the EMU win, or even the FAU win for that matter. The FAU win, however, you saw him against a very highly touted NFL prospect and he played better than him? I am concerned about Brian's ability to go win a game rather than manage it, but the vilification of him makes me shake my head.
  2. How about Chris L. Rucker's game on Saturday? Spartan Nation, we are seeing an emergence of a star and his upside is huge.
  3. Speaking of stars on the rise, how about Joel Foreman? Once again, he was dominant on the OL and talk about a future? That kid has tremendous upside. His technique was essentially flawless on Saturday and all you have to do is watch Ringer run to his holes.
  4. I was disappointed in the down field blocking of the MSU WR's on Saturday. I saw at least one missed TD for Ringer when a block wasn't done correctly and multiple other misses. That is a concern, but that is not indicative to the first two games, so let's hope it was the exception rather than the rule.
  5. I am not happy with MSU scheduling Montana State next season. In fact, I am really disgusted about it. I talked with MSU Senior Associate AD Greg Ianni on Saturday and was glad that he hated it also. Ianni is one of the most underrated members of team MSU and he was very candid as usual about it. I voiced that I felt it was unfair for the fans to pay full price for a 2 A (I know that there is a new politically correct term rather than 2 A, but I am not an NCAA fan or a political correctness fan so who cares) and that it simply is a can't win scenario. I am glad that Ianni at least agrees with wishing it didn't have to happen. I agree with him that it is the system that the NCAA has driven the schools to and that it has to happen. Think about this. CMU recently went to Athens, GA, and took on the Bulldogs. CMU was paid an incredible, $750,000 for that trip. The NCAA has made it now legit to bring in 2 A teams and it costs the Spartans a whole lot less than ¾ of a million dollars to do it. Again, I hate it. I also understand it and I can't fault the MSU leadership for doing it. Just remember next season when we are all mad about it, that they truly feel your pain on this one.
  6. I am shocked at how much email I have received over Mark Dantonio's dressing down of a player for an unsportsmanlike penalty. Relax people, you were just as mad about the JLS years where that kind of foolishness got a pat on the rear. MD did the right thing and I for one liked to see it. I would have rather not seen the penalty, but that wasn't MD's fault.
  7. I remember when I broke down the the first class of recruits that MD brought in. I praised P Aaron Bates as one of the biggest gets. I explained (go back and look) how he fit the MD scheme to a T and was a star. Any doubters now? That kid is a legit kicker and a star for the Spartans.
  8. After watching the OSU thrashing by the men of Troy, does anyone automatically write off the game here at the High Cathedral of the Spartan Nation: Spartan Stadium when they come to town? What would a win over OSU mean to not only the Spartan Nation, but how about LB Coach Mike Tressel?
  9. Although MSU has as of yet not secured any 2010 commitments in football, they are all over the place. One Detroithead coach who has prospects that the Spartans are coveting told me on Sunday night, “They are all over Detroit and every coach I speak to talks about it.” As good as 2009 is shaping up, 2010 with a big season this year could be even bigger.
  10. Notre Dame is nowhere near as good as Cal. We will have a very good gage of just how good this Spartan team is after Saturday. I am very excited about this game.
  11. My big shout out of the week goes to Coach Pat Hill and the folks at Fresno State. In a day and age that money seems to drive everything with college football it doesn't there. Here is the story. No one will travel and play Fresno at Fresno. They are a good team that is trying to break into the next level and teams are afraid of them. Well, Wisconsin booked the game this weekend ages ago and called Fresno earlier this year and offered them more money than they would make HOSTING the game, if they would move the game to a neutral site: Lambeau field in Green Bay. LOL Anyways, Hill and Fresno State, said no thanks and they almost got the win. I say good for Fresno State.
  12. I talked to Arthur Ray this weekend,,and he gave me the best news of the weekend. He expects to be off crutches this week and his spirits are high. In fact, he said to me, “Tell everyone thanks for praying for me.” His entire family will be up next weekend for the Notre Dame game.
  13. Pat Narduzzi, the MSU DC, gets a lot of praise and I certainly think he deserves it. I am shocked however that OC Don Treadwell doesn't get the recognition he deserves. He does a tremendous job, is an exceptional tactician, and a terrific coach.
  14. Look for WR Deon Curry to play this weekend against Notre Dame. I will be shocked however to see S KDC playing. I certainly hope for his quick recovery, but I still am hearing he is a couple of weeks away.
  15. Joel Foreman is certainly getting a lot of praise and deservedly so, but don't forget Jared McGaha. He is behind senior Roland Martin. His not beating out Martin is a testament to how good Martin is rather than McGaha's lack of ability. McGaha will be an exceptional G for MSU and a potential three year starter when Martin graduates.