Time for the fat guy to sound off!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Any real thought of Harbaugh is just a foolish waste of breath

O.K. let me be honest. I got over 40 emails from people asking me about former UM QB Jim Harbaugh. Evidently someone has thrown this name out. I have endeavored to keep my personal feelings out of the search as I think some folks in my profession have been reckless about it. Not all, but a very small segment.
I have brought names to the table that are being discussed and I have told you what people inside the MSU hierarchy are thinking. I had one high-ranking MSU official actually call me today and say: “I have been asked twice if I have talked to you, so the answer is no right?” Of course we both had a laugh about it. Anyways, I am calling agents and former players as well as friends and a wide array of people to gauge interest in the process and to gather details so as to best inform all of you. Anyways, I cannot remain silent with so many people asking about Harbaugh. Let me tell you this.
I love MSU. Call me a homer I don’t really care. Personally my gut is aching with all the pro UM media and I get sick of people acting like one MSU fan is the end of the world.  You can be fair and still root for a team. Chris Berman and I talked about this very subject at the Super Bowl, he does not hide his love of the Bills, nor does Mike Greenberg of ESPN hide his love of the Jets. The issue isn’t neutrality it is being fair.Â
I was the first to call for the JLS regime to come to and end and I took more grief then you will ever know. The point is that I am not advocating any one candidate, fans aren’t dumb they don’t need me to tell them whom they want, but with Harbaugh I am about to throw up.
How can any person throw that name out with a straight face for this job? He is at a 1-AA team and hasn’t even won a championship. I am sick of people drinking the Kool-Aid that this job sucks. Go ahead and listen to the nay Sayers that say no one can win. Listen to the “neutral media” that hide behind their press credential but take shots at the University. The point is that I travel around the nation, I speak to the biggest names and they continually tell me how great it is. Has it struggled? HECK YES! Does it suck? NO! The MSU fan base gets so much love around the nation and yet they have an inferiority complex bigger then my gut. For the record: that is HUGE! Go ahead and take shots at me for being optimistic. Go ahead listen to people who tell you how bad your beloved University is. Go ahead and let people tell you that as a fan you’re dumb because you aren’t a member of the elite media. Let me tell you, the fans aren’t dumb and I am sick of people taking cheap shots at the people who buy the tickets. How many media members have bought tickets or would sit in a monsoon like the Notre Dame game. Listen up folks raise your sights. Your awesome and I for one thank God every day that I get out of bed (if I went to bed lately) and thank God I get to go to another State to cover sports or do this job.
If Harbaugh is the best we can do then turn out the lights. If the best we can do is a guy that starred for our biggest rival and who hasn’t won a championship at 1-AA then call me a fool and let’s pack it in. There are great candidates with far superior resumes that want this job. I don’t care if you think it I HAVE TALKED TO THEM! So take your cheap shots closet Wolverine fan or Spartan fan that thinks we are Ferris, I don’t.
I am sure Harbaugh is a great guy. I am sure that he is a good coach.  I could throw a hundred names out and then give out free donuts saying Hondo had it first. The point is that this University is looking for a great coach. I don’t know if they will get it right. I do know that all over the nation I am hearing so much praise for this school that I am really proud.
MSU can, and MSU must get a great coach. I told you Mooch was the prime pick and notice that he is at the top. Look at Grantham and Cubit and Kelly. Cubit and Kelly have done a better job than MSU did this season, who of us in the Spartan Nation wouldn’t trade records with them? Look at a Charlie Strong who has done nothing but win and be great at Florida and everywhere he has been. There are more but my point is that the Spartan Nation needs to sack up. Let this process play out. Great people want the job and I don’t want a reach whoever he may be but for God’s sake don’t pick a stinking Wolverine.
All I know is that in eleven months and twenty-seven days we face UM. I am sick that we have lost the last five, and I am tired of people acting like we are the red headed step- children. UM is a great school. I have no disrespect at all. With that said, they are our rival not our dictator and it is time that some people wake up and agree with the silent majority and start expecting that we will be back!

95% of my colleagues are great but I am sick of the arrogance that makes people think fans are dumb! I have a great job that many people would love. I am not entitled, I am thankful. Thankful for those great people that read and watch, and I for one have not forgotten and I am proud to be what they are: a fan. I was raised in Mid Michigan and thankful that I can raise my family here. Call me any names you want, because at the end of the day I am proud to be one of many that call themselves the Spartan Nation. Now sack up and lets get a coach and fix this mess. Go State!

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