Your Weekly Michigan State Football Question and Answer Article

Hondo S. Carpenter

Hey Hondo, I was shocked that Keith Nichol was not voted a captain, were you? Andy

Hi Andy, I was. With all that he has endured and the kind of teammate that he is, I was a little surprised. The good news is that Keith is such a high class young man and that won’t set him back at all. He is (and has proven it) all about team

Hondo, with all of the hype and talk about going pro early it seemed a little funny to me that Jerel Worthy wasn’t voted a captain by his teammates. I know that you did a profile and talked about a few things, do you think that was part of it? Brett

Brett, Jerel is a true junior. That is still young. A vote of captain says a lot about a team and player. I wasn’t in the room so I don’t have the details of why some were and some weren’t voted; I can say that I was not surprised.


Hondo, you have been all over Skyler Schofner since you reported that he was going to be a Spartan when he was in high school. It seems that the praise you gave is warranted based on reports. If France continues to struggle, could Skyler play the left? Janet

Hi Janet. Yes, he can. I think France will be fine. If France should struggle I think they leave Burkland (formerly Schofner) at the right and try Fonoti and McGaha.


Hondo, on the radio show the other day you alluded to some guys getting talked about who could leave early. You were talking when I got in my car about Baker and kept referring to the others you had already talked about. Who are the others? Richard

Richard, sorry I should have reset the conversation. We talked about Johnny Adams, Edwin ROCK Baker, and Jerel Worthy. We also said that Dion Sims and Anthony White were possibilities. PLEASE remember that I wasn’t saying they would, I was asked with big seasons who may.


Hondo, I love to listen to you interview the offensive lineman. You sure can’t hide your excitement. It seems like they enjoy being interviewed by you also. Other than offensive lineman what other position do you like to interview the most? Ken

Ken, I do enjoy talking to the offensive lineman. They are the underrated and most important position on the field. It takes the art of a ballerina, the brains of Einstein, and the hands and balance of a gymnast. A fine offensive line working in unison is a thing of beauty that if captured would make the finest works of art look like junk. A fine offensive line and offensive lineman is what makes this glorious game of football a sacred work of art. As far as other positions, I really don’t have one. I don’t favor the offensive line. I like to talk to men that play the game with the right mentality and attitude. A WR that will block downfield is beautiful. A RB that will step up and hit or chip a LB is an unrecognized art. A CB that isn’t afraid of contact? Come on, that is what makes football great.


Hondo, what are your thoughts on Taiwan Jones? I remember on signing day you said he was a beast. What do you think now? George



Hondo, what are your thoughts on young Matt Giampapa? You are one of the rare ones that actually talk about the long snapper. All last year you harped on how much we would miss Shack, so what do you think of the kid? Pat

Personally, I like him. He is a specialist, but he loves to play the game and hit. He is a master of the craft. He has taken time to understand the nuances of his position and there are a lot of them with being a snapper and the last reason may really surprise you. Every time I have spoken to him he brings up his family and how they pushed him to the art of a long snapper. He came to MSU as a walk on knowing that Mark Dantonio awards scholarships to guys that earn them. It was with the support of that family and a conviction in his own talent that he came to MSU from the state of Tennessee. I think he could be a special four-year long snapper for the Spartans.


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