2006 annual Spartan Nation awards:

Hondo S. Carpenter

2006 annual Spartan Nation awards


  • MSU team of the year: Hockey! They won the CCHA and were one game from the frozen four!
  • Freshman of the year: Jeff Lerg! Great goaltending led this team and this pint size ball of fire led the way!
  • Heart of a champion: Cliff Ryan! He had to find out about the move from DT from DE from me, and with all the confusion and turmoil around Spartan football over his career was nothing but a great young man.
  • Best example of being a Spartan: Drew Stanton. He spurned the NFL and millions to come back. Let down by being poorly coached over his career he came back and at no fault of his own had his career and greatness wasted.
  • Best role model? Drew Miller. It is almost a given any time a Miller is at MSU that they will either win this or at least get in the hunt. What a great family and a super fine young man.
  • Most under appreciated Spartan? David Grewe head baseball coach. So highly respected outside of MSU, if they don’t do more to help this program he won’t be here long.
  • Best example of Spartan pride? Tom Izzo getting back to the tournament again (even if the results were disappointing) and his kids still get degrees. He is the best at school and sports. God is a Spartan and Izzo is his prophet! LOL
  • Female Sports Coach of the Year? Coach George from volleyball. She is a superb coach and has done a very good job.
  • Male Sports Coach of the Year? Tom Minkel. Be honest, we all know that wrestling like almost all the non-revenue sports gets little attention. Sadly Coach Minkel does not get the love he has so greatly earned.
  • Come back Spartan of the year? Love or hate him (I love him) George Perles fulfilled a dream and was voted on to the board of regents. If anything he will at least make it interesting.
  • Spartan of the year? The fans. Had they not showed themselves with the OSU football game JLS would still be coach. They continued the sellouts at the Breslin and without all of their money from tickets, RYF and merchandise MSU, as we know it would not exist. This year they saw that this University would listen to them when they act in unison. I pray they never stop being vocal and refuse to ever accept mediocrity again.

Obviously not being on the list is not a slam but these are my thoughts. What say you? Email me with your thoughts by clicking the email Hondo link or calling the Hondo hotline at 517-363-2258!


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