Affordable family fun all wrapped around fishing. As seen on Hondo's Highlights last night!

Hondo S. Carpenter

By Allison Crawford

In 1970, Robert Kaercher built a fishing pond for him and his family in their yard. Little did he know, that little pond would expand into nine ponds and attract families from all over the country.Â
Today, Jim Kaercher, along with help from his father Robert, his wife Jeanie, and their two children Maggie and Patrick, run the Spring Valley Trout Farm. The cost is $3 per person. This allows access to the ponds, playground, grilling, and picnic areas. After you’ve caught fish, the cost to keep the fish is $4.99 per pound. That’s cheaper than at the store. They will clean your fish for you for $.30 and de-bone your fish for $.25. The fish range in length from 12” to 16”, which is enough to feed two people.
After visiting the trout farm, it left me speechless. The place was unbelievable. And to think, people from all over the country come to fish here. Schools take their students to the trout farm for field trips. Disability clinics also take their clients to the farm to catch their first fish.Â
This is definitely a place for families to spend quality time together, and for friends to bond. If you have some time on the weekend to spend with your family, consider taking them to the Spring Valley Trout Farm. It’s something you’ll always remember.
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