April 25, 2006 Hondo's Blog!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Lansing, Michigan

Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.


Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.Â

·       Don’t forget to join me each weeknight for Mid-Michigan’s most sports at 6:15 p.m. Monday thru Friday on ABC 53.

·       With Shannon Brown declaring himself for the NBA draft, I am going to write an article late next week about my opinion, now I want yours. Please hit the email Hondo link and give me your opinion or call the Hondo Hotline at 517-363-2258!

·       The NHL in how they are officiating is shafting the Red Wings. Props to the Oilers however because they are doing what they have to do to win.

·       Tiger’s loss last night was disappointing because Rogers pitched so well.Â

·       The Pistons are marching to their own beat and will win the NBA championship with ease.

·       Need proof that Favre want to come back? He is actively recruiting Charles Woodson to join the folks in Green Bay.

·       Are the Pistons the best run NBA team? I think for sure. Joe Dumars is brilliant.

·       The Knicks players all met with Zeke Thomas yesterday and according to our source in New York, all but 2, told Zeke that Brown was the main problems.

·       Spartan Nation 2006 Big Ten preview will be posted May 1. We break down all 11 teams, we forecast not only Big Ten record but overall, as well as pre-season all Big Ten team.

·       OU will give all 5 members of their top five recruiting class the chance to transfer without recourse because of Coach Sampson leaving for IU. Coach Sampson is expected to be “in” on all those guys once again setting IU up for a great class.

·       Bruce Pearl the head basketball coach and master recruiter is well on his way to making a huge mark at Tennessee. His name has been mentioned all over as a big name candidate, but one NBA scout told me this weekend: “he won’t be there long, he is to good.”

·       The Allen Iverson fatigue that plagues Philly is finally bothering the faithful. Up to now the fans have loved Iverson that is why he was able to do his own thing. Well fan focus groups now tell another story and could give the 76ers the chance to dump the troubled star.

·       It is only 5 months and 12 days until the MSU vs. UM football game!

See you Friday on Hondo’s House at 7:30 if you’re in the Mid Michigan market.

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them! Peace! -H


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