Baseballs dumbest rule needs to be fixed, now!

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It is time to abolish the most ignorant rule in baseball: all teams will have one player on the All Star team. That is absurd. If your team stinks, then why should you get to put a crappy player on the squad? Hey I am a Tiger fan, many years we had a terrible team and didn’t deserve anyone on the All Star roster and it is still my belief this year when a young Justin Verlander gets left off and some old horse that can’t play gets on. Pathetic!

With all the issues baseball and that pathetic commissioner Bud Selig have to look at, this one is easy to fix. Because it is easy to fix and it is the intelligent choice, I am sure that it will be too difficult for the moron (in my opinion) that leads baseball to do. Remember he did actually have a baseball All Star game end in a tie. What a tool. Fix most of baseball by firing Bud the dud and putting someone with an IQ and a real passion for basbeball, not politics as the commish. How about Costas?