Change #2 Coming To Spartan Nation…

Hondo S. Carpenter

Change #2 Coming To Spartan Nation…

This week we are unveiling new things coming to the Spartan Nation family of services. Today we announce that we will have all of the video portions of our website upgraded to be viewable on tablets and phones. We use the FLASH system and as phones and tablets have evolved, it is a very lengthy process to be able to watch our amazing videos on those devices.

It is a very lengthy process and frankly expensive, but by the start of the B1G campaign this football season we anticipate having that available. As always this will be available for FREE on our site. I know that many would like us to flip a switch and have it available now, but as mentioned, it is a lengthy process.

I would like to personally thank those that have donated for this new enhancement. This project is the first of hopefully many that is possible because of donors and our amazing sponsors. If you want to donate, please click the DONATE button halfway down the page on the right hand side of the main site


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