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Couldn't Have Drawn It Up Better Myself!!!

Spartan Nation, the time is clearly now for MSU to assert itself in the war on recruiting. Here are a few things that just can’t be overlooked. First and foremost, we all have to put this App St victory over the boys from Ann Arbor in the proper context. THIS IS THE BIGGEST UPSET IN NCAA FOOTBALL HISTORY. I’ll let that sink in for just a moment. Is everyone in the Spartan Nation done laughing, gloating or ribbing the Wolvie in the cubicle next door? I didn’t think so. Sure is nice when the shoe is on the other foot isn’t it? The message board chatter has been pure entertainment for all Spartans and Buckeyes alike. The reality is that UM is going to pull it together and be a tough opponent come November.

Do I believe that MSU can beat Michigan? Absolutely, when Michigan gets that early chink in its armor they tend to drop 3-4 games throughout the remainder of the season. The “chink” sounded more like the impact from an F5 tornado. Kids that were routinely automatic UM commits are starting to doubt the future of Wolverine football. The loss on Saturday all but guarantees Lloyd’s “retirement.” The temperature around Ann Arbor appears to be 10 degrees warmer than anywhere else in the state these days. Recruits have got to be a little leery about the direction of the Wolverine program. I don’t even have to make this point for the Spartan Nation. Boubacar Cissoko and members of Michigan’s “The Fort” already more than provided me the necessary fodder for my MSU cannon. He will be visiting MSU with his good friend Fred Smith this weekend. Cissoko has been committed to UM for months and has decided to visit East Lansing this weekend for a “fact finding mission.” Now Boubacar did not use the words “fact finding mission,” but they seem so relevant after Keith Nichol’s OU trip that I just can’t help myself.

Mr. Cissoko is going to see what all MSU recruits have seen from the new Dantonio era. He is going to see a team well prepared, disciplined and ready to establish the line of scrimmage this weekend against Bowling Green. He is going to see the Spartan family out in force with dogs cookin’ on the grill, coolers loaded and Spartan fans just beaming with pride for their “Men In Green.” If you are an MSU recruit, you have to take note of the 18 freshman and redshirt freshman that played this weekend. There is little doubt that Dantonio is doing exactly what he said he’d do when he took the job. If you are talented and can contribute, you will play regardless of your age or status as an underclassman. Oren Wilson, Mark Dell, Greg Jones, Chris L. Rucker, Jon Misch, Eric Gordon and Aaron Bates are going to play a ton of snaps for MSU this year. If you’re a guy like Cissoko, why wouldn’t you visit MSU with your buddy Fred? It only makes sense.

Don’t kid yourselves; Lloyd Carr is one heck of a coach and probably a better recruiter. The Wolverine faithful are anxious to get rid of him and they now have the necessary ammo to send him into the shadows of the “Big Hole” after this season. It couldn’t happen at a better time for MSU. Dantonio can sell stability and a brand of football that suits the Big Ten. His coordinators are so charismatic and his fans are really hungry for a winner. I have disagreed with Lou Anna Simon’s moves with other facets of the university, but she really got this Mark Dantonio thing right. More importantly, she got it right at the right time. We couldn’t have drawn up a better scenario for MSU. Dantonio steps in, his recruiting class is better than expected, in state recruiting for 2008 is ahead of plan, MSU’s QB Hoyer is the perfect leader to build a balanced attack around with Ringer and Caulcrick providing the 1-2 punch, Smith and Hoover snub UM and commit to MSU, State blows out UAB and Michigan loses the biggest game in NCAA history while the Wolverine faithful snarl their teeth at Lloyd further cementing the notion that a new coaching regime is on its way to Ann Arbor. Even if UM promotes from within, who is it going to be… Ron “I just had my defense full of 4 and 5 star recruits shredded” English or Mike “I fell on my face in Mt. Pleasant” DeBord? The choices seem rather slim don’t they?

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So Mr. Cissoko, enjoy your trip to East Lansing this weekend. One way or another, it won’t be your last. If you are good at finding facts, you might just find a green jersey hanging around the Duffy with your name on it. I’ll give you a hint, it is right next to Tyler Hoover’s and Fred Smith’s.