Dwayne Wade defeats Mavs!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Dwayne Wade defeats Mavs

Can you believe what I just wrote? Hondo Carpenter, the man who always talks about team just dropped that headline on you? Believe it people. Dwayne Wade in what I believe was the single best playoff performance of all time refused to lose, literally.

With 6:34 to go in the fourth quarter, and down 13, the fireworks began. Shaq hit two very crucial free throws down the stretch but with his five fouls Wade was the man.

"As a team, we just came out and said this could be the season if they win this game," Dwayne Wade said. "We came out, ran our offense to the crisp, locked down on defense and came back and won this game."Â The series stays in Miami now for a must win game 4 on Thursday night.


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