Every day this week we will be announcing a change/upgrade coming to the Spartan Nation family of services! #1

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We are thrilled at Spartan Nation with the radio program. For several years it has grown into a premier source of sports information. Over that time many of you have asked (REPEATEDLY) for podcasts or places that you could listen to past shows.

Although we do put certain interviews up from time to time, we have never done entire shows or even the majority of the interviews. If I were to venture a guess, I would think less than 5% of our interviews ever got posted. That was intentional.

We are taking the week off from broadcasting the radio show only, July 29, 2013-August 2, 2013, for the first vacation we have taken in four years FROM THE SHOW. We are still working behind the scenes on MANY new things with the program. Later in the week we will have a major announcement on the future of the Spartan Nation Radio Network. We are still working away on all of our other platforms at Spartan Nation.

When the radio show returns on August 5, 2013, every show, every interview, and every part of the radio show will be available the next day. You can search specific parts, or podcast the entire show.

Thank you for your loyalty and thank you for being a part. Every day this week we will be announcing at least one change/upgrade coming to our family of services!

We want to thank those of you who have used the DONATE button on the right hand side of Spartan Nation. Your generosity and our amazing sponsors are what make upgrades and improvements possible.