Fantasy Football and Expanding Its Impact


I may be the last one to have jumped on the Fantasy Football bandwagon, but it’s happened. I get it!


For the last few years, I’ll admit; I thought it was stupid and meaningless. But if you’ve played or at least payed attention, you realize it’s not.


But I’m not sure everyone realizes the power it holds and the impact it has on the way we watch sports and now, in a sense, participate in sports.


And now that I have witnessed its power and grasp over fans across the county, I think it’s time we harness and utilize its influence.


Just in the few leagues I am in, the amount of dollars spent is mind boggling. I’ve seen league entry fees ranging from free to hundreds of dollars, with payouts each week.


While most, no make it all, professional sports organizations want to distance themselves from sports gambling, it’s influence is undeniable, and if they think it’s not you’re lying or naive.


Coupled with the amount of money spent on conventional sports gambling, why not allow it legally, and start utilizing it to generate revenue.


To me it only makes sense. The opposition would say, it would tarnish sports and put the potential for cheating at great numbers. But honestly, if you don’t think it has an influence now, you’re wrong. From sports to life, there’s always temptations for athletes and people to face.


Several months ago, I wrote about the amount of money, that’s estimated to be gambled on in professional sports each year. Today that number is expected in the billions of dollars, and together with the recent crazy of fantasy football, that number has surely increased.


So again, it’s time. It’s time for sports organizations and government to support and allow sports gambling. Because at this point it’s not about allow it, it’s about making money and generating revenue from it.


And the last time I check, sports owner and the US Government could sure use the added resources, and this is a great way of doing that; legally of course.

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