Football themed games


Football themed games

With the next football season fast approaching in September many fans have started to gear themselves up for the excitement to come. The teams have also started to get ready with them looking for new tactics and plays in order to succeed next season. However there are many fans that simply can’t wait for the next season to start and so are looking for a substitute that is still devoted to football. For these people online casinos actually have the answer as they have many games devoted to all areas of sports, and can be played day and night.

One such game is called $5 million touchdown, it is available at many different online casinos like JackpotCity making it freely available for anyone to play. What this on my slots game has which is different is two main jackpots, however one of them is actually $5 million making it massive in comparison to most other online slots games. However in order to win this get a bet the maximum amount on winning all 20 lines at once making each go a $200 investment. While the payout might be big for some it’s not worth it.

There are many other American football themed games that do not take as much money to play for example Pigskin Payout, this is also an online slots game where you have to match the symbols from left to right on each of the reels. However this game is a great art style with a well drawn stadium backdrop and each of the reels looking like an American football scoreboard. What makes this scoreboard great is that when you win all the symbols come to life and stop dancing adding enjoyment every win as well as the money that you take from it.


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