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Four NFL Team Employees Rate the Top Three Players at Each Non-Special Teams Positions

Four of my friends who are NFL team employees agreed to give me their top three players at every non-special teams position leading up to the draft. They represent four different teams. Two from the NFC and two from the AFC.


I will keep each of their identities confidential as you can imagine that their respective teams wouldn’t appreciate their participation in this endeavor. All I asked from them was that they give me their list. I weighed all four lists and put them in the appropriate order. I weighed them as I do the top twenty lists. Three points are awarded for a #1 rating, two for a #2 rating and one for a #3 rating. In case of a tie, I add a fifth persons list. With the top twenty list a prospect is given 20 points when rated #1 and a prospect rated #20 would get one point.

This list is not the order that I think they will be drafted, it is simply four men who get paid to do this for a living and who they think are the best three at each non-special teams position.Â


I will also have them all give me a mock first round draft, as the draft gets closer. Obviously they know other teams better than any of us, so I have asked each for their mock draft and why they think each team does what. As with this list, I will weigh each of their picks and see if there is consensus on what they think. I will post at least one of their comments about each pick.


So here are the top three players at the non-special teams positions.



  1. Mark Sanchez USC
  2. Matt Stafford Georgia
  3. Josh Freeman Kansas State



  1. Knowshon Moreno Georgia
  2. Chris “Beannie” Wells OSU
  3. Donald Brown UCONN



  1. Quinn Johnson LSU
  2. David Johnson Arkansas State
  3. Travis McCall Alabama



  1. *Michael Crabtree Texas Tech
  2. Jeremy Maclin Missouri
  3. Percy Harvin Florida



  1. *Brandon Pettigrew Oklahoma State
  2. Travis Beckum Wisconsin
  3. Chase Coffman Missouri



  1. +Jason Smith Baylor
  2. +Eugene Monroe Virginia
  3. Andre Smith Alabama
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  1. Duke Robinson Oklahoma
  2. Kraig Urbik Wisconsin
  3. Trevor Canfield Cincinnati



  1. Alex Mack CAL
  2. A.Q. Shipley PSU
  3. Max Unger Oregon



  1. *Brian Orakpo Texas
  2. Aaron Maybin PSU
  3. Robert Ayers Tennessee



  1. B.J. Raji Boston College
  2. Peria Jerry Mississippi
  3. Ron Brace Boston College



  1. Rey Maualuga USC
  2. James Laurinaitis OSU
  3. Darry Beckwith LSU



  1. +*Aaron Curry Wake Forest
  2. Brian Cushing USC
  3. Clay Matthews USC



  1. @Malcolm Jenkins OSU
  2. Alphonso Smith Wake Forest
  3. Vontae Davis ILL



  1. Louis Delmas WMU
  2. William Moore Missouri
  3. Patrick Chung Oregon

* = Unanimous on all four scouts lists as the best at their position.

+ = Received at least one vote by the scouts as the best player in the draft in our top 20 list.

@ = Received one vote as a top three player at another position: safety.