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God Bless America and those who defend Her!

God Bless America!

Now come on people, are those words really that frightening? You would think so with some of the outrageous reaction it creates. The facts are still the facts, however, that over 90% of Americans believe in some form of God and the 10% who don’t go off when the mere mention of his blessing our nation is so outrageously mentioned.

America needs God’s blessing. We are essentially a two party political system that rather than having leadership, has two factions that spend time spinning visceral hate rather than ideas. They would rather tell us why Republicans want to take away school lunches and turn us into a theocracy, and the Democrats hate God and want to make us a communist state. They are both ignorant!

Republican and Democrat parties are flawed, both contain more morons than leaders and both, to be frank, are detrimental to this beloved Union. Rather than enforce the multiplicity of gun laws that are broken, we have some that would rather take guns from the law-abiding citizenry!

We have people that can brutally beat and murder their adopted child in the most brutal fashion here in Mid-Michigan, but yet my tax dollars will have to pay for their life long incarceration. My taxes will pay for cable TV and good meals that the murdered child will never get, yet these less than human dirt bags will live, while his precious life was brutally stolen. Rather than the $.28 cents of electricity I would gladly pay to see them fry in an electric chair, people will rail against the death sentence these less than human pieces of crap deserve. We are so politically correct that we think an electric chair, hanging or lethal injection is cruel yet no one spoke up and stopped the brutal life that the murdered child had to live. Why are so many more compassionate to the cold-blooded murderers rather than the victim?

We have some who worship creation rather than the creator, and others who ignore our environment and treat it as their own trash dump. We have some that see success of hard work and determination as a sign of cruelty and there are forces at hand that are trying in my opinion to kill the American entrepreneurial spirit. We are killing Americans with a tax load that is immoral but have shelters available for the mega wealthy that allow them to pay virtually no taxes at all.Â

America needs leadership. America needs strong debate and strong dissension that can lead us to a national agenda that benefits America, and not any party. Until the morons who lead us are willing to actually listen to an idea from someone across the aisle before they kill it. Until they actually balance the nations check book and control waste, until they stop over taxing Middle America that doesn’t have the elaborate accountants and tax shelters. Until we can talk frankly about issues without having someone wave a political correctness banner, and until people put the betterment of America before the betterment of a party or an agenda, we need God’s blessing.

I am proud to be an American. I am proud of every member of the armed forces that has served, either now or before. I am proud of the brave men and women who came home from perhaps the most ignorantly fought war in Vietnam and the only thanks they got was from stupid, moronic scum bags that spit on them and called them names.

I am proud of the man I met in Washington D.C. when I was there with the hockey team that lost a limb in Iraq. When I stopped to thank him, he actually cried and told me how much that meant.

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I am proud of the factory workers and the working folks. I am proud of a nation that has won wars, but the only land we have ever taken for our own was to bury our dead. I am proud of the American spirit and the fact that with all of our flaws, events like 9/11 show us how close we are.

I am sorry to all you nay Sayers that think our future is bleak. I am sorry to all of you that simply take pleasure in ripping my nation. I am sorry to you ignorant loud mouths who badmouth our military. I am proud of all of them. I am proud of the single parents that somehow make it every day and their kids grow up fine and normal. I am proud to be American.

I am proud of this land. We have to stop the politicizing of the borders and close and secure them now. I recognize that we have to get rid of the illegal aliens (they are not undocumented workers, they are illegal aliens), but I also recognize that immigration is what made us and we have to allow people to LEGALLY come here who want to be Americans.

We have those that hate abortion, but will develop no plan to help those single mothers or encourage adoption. The average American family can’t afford to adopt and that is atrocious and sad. How can we say to a loving family that is willing to make the financial sacrifice of raising essentially someone else’s child no, because they can’t afford the outrageous fees associated with it? We have those that applaud abortion yet they want long-term prison sentences for those that destroy an eagle’s egg?

I am proud that although my roots are from Europe that I am an American. I don’t mind people celebrating their ancestry, but wish they would remember that they are Americans first.

We have an immoral tax system and no control over our spending as a nation. We celebrate the lude and the crude yet we ostracize those that speak for decency. We see taxes as a panacea rather than a noose. Our system of taxing is immoral and wrong. We have to eliminate loopholes and establish a flat tax that allows all Americans not caught in the web of poverty to pay the same. We want God out of every facet that we can remove him, yet when 9/11 happens we thumb our noses and ask him, “How could this happen?” Those same people that want to blame God and get God out of any part of our society stood on the Capitol steps and sang God Bless America?

Yes, today is our birthday. A day to celebrate both America’s faults and her triumphs. Today is a day to ask God to bring us leaders that love this nation more than a party or an agenda. Today is a day that we think about how nations have built walls to keep their people while we pontificate the need to build one to keep them out. We are a group that for all of our faults gives more than any nation in the world when crisis affect not our shores but theirs. We are a people that at the end of the day, the world looks to by a huge majority and wants to be us.

We are America, and I am proud to be an American. Thanks to the civil servants and the military. Thanks to the workers in orphanages that can’t take a day off. Thanks to each of you on both sides of the political landscape. I have traveled the world and I have seen how other nations live. I am so proud of this country, and so proud to be an American.

To all of you I wish you a happy Fourth of July American birthday. We aren’t a perfect nation, but we are the best one out there. Whether or not you agree with this blog or not, I am glad that we have country that we can express our views and disagree, and I respect you all for that. I thank our country and those that have fought to protect Her for our Freedom of Speech. I continually ask God to please, bless America!