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Hendrick Motorsports Good Fit for Jr.

Wednesday, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. held a much-anticipated press conference to announce which team he will be driving for starting in the 2008 season. He looked at many teams but the team that he felt best fit him was Hendrick Motorsports. Jr. will be teammates with Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Casey Mears. I don’t know about you, but I could not be happier about this. I’m a huge Jeff Gordon fan and I’m a Jr. fan as well so this works out great.

This season, NASCAR has been driving the Car of Tomorrow at some of the races to prepare for future seasons and to see how the car ran on the track in the races. The teams weren’t actually going to drive the car full time until the 2009 season but NASCAR officials decided to move it up to the 2008 season. I would hope that part of Jr.’s decision-making process was which team has done the best with the Car of Tomorrow. Now let’s just take a look at who has won all of the Car of Tomorrow Races shall we. Well, instead of listing them all, let’s just sum it up into one sentence…they all drive for Rick Hendrick! I don’t know about you but if I had my choice of who to drive for next year and the Car of Tomorrow was the car that we were driving in all of the races, I would go with the team that has done the best with the car.

Dale, Jr. has not always had the best luck in the past but I don’t think that has always been his fault. I know that when Bobby Labonte drove the #18 car, it seemed that he could never finish in the top 10, sometimes even in the top 15. When he switch to the #43 car and J.J. Yeley became the new driver of the Interstate Batteries car for Joe Gibbs, it seems that his car is driving a lot better than it always did for Bobby and Bobby is a good driver, so you know it wasn't that. Jr. will do well at Hendrick and it will be a good change for him.

The only thing that I hope for is that Jr. is able to get the company that his dad built after his is done racing and bring it to where it should be. I hope Theresa doesn’t run DEI, Inc. into the ground. Jr. deserves that company and everyone knows that what Dale, Sr. would’ve wanted.

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With Jr. driving for Hendrick, they are now the team to beat (even more than they already were) in NASCAR. This soon to be dominating trio of Gordon, Jr., and Johnson will be unstoppable in the 2008 season in the Car of Tomorrow and I can’t wait to watch how it all goes down.