Hondo lets a pesky Wolverine back in Spartan Nation to talk about night games at the Big Port-a-Potty!

Hondo S. Carpenter

No night games for "The Big House"

By Josh Charles

Two years ago when Michigan defeated Michigan State in triple overtime at Michigan Stadium, "The Big House" was never more alive then it was on that night.

Despite the aura that was given off of the stadium that night the University of Michigan has decided not host any night games in the future.

"It's the tradition, it's our tradition," athletic director Bill Martin said. "It also gives (fans) the ability to get back to their cars and get home by a decent time. Most people that are part of the Michigan fan base and attend the games prefer the 1 o'clock games if possible."

When The University of Michigan released there game times earlier this spring there were no significant time swings except for the 4:30 start for the UM vs. MSU game on October 7th.

The University of Michigan will be appearing in two night games this season, both of which are obviously on the road.

The first will be against Minnesota on September 30th and the second is a nationally televised game against Penn State on October 14th, both of those contests are scheduled to start at 8:00 p.m.

Michigan Stadium doesn't currently have lighting and likely won't be adding them permanently. Despite the University shelling out $226 million to renovate "The Big House" adding stadium lighting is not included in the additions or upgrades. Instead of adding lights the University elects to rent them for games that are held in the late afternoon.

It is surprising that Bill Martin feels so strongly about keeping the tradition of the game times, but appears to have absolutely no respect for the tradition of the stadium in which the games are played.

Night games at Michigan Stadium wouldn't break tradition it would make Michigan's tradition greater and stronger as one of college footballs premier sports stadiums. It seems as though that he only takes into consideration the opinions of the rich alum's as opposed to the average fan who make up most of the Wolverine Nation's fan base.

It seems to be one mistake after another for Bill Martin and they keep getting more and more ridiculous.


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