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Hello folks!
Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • There is no Hondo’s House on Friday. ABC 53 has Big Ten tournament coverage. You can catch round 2 of the Big Ten tournament with what will presumably be MSU vs. Illinois and UM vs. Iowa on ABC 53 beginning at 6:30!
  • I am sorry that I had no blog yesterday, time just didn’t allow it and I wanted to wait for the NFL CBA situation to unfold.
  • Patrick Ramsey the Redskins QB is almost certainly going to be a Jet and they will select at the #4 spot Da’Brick Ferguson in the draft. That is from a source very well familiar with the Jets plans.
  • As you first read here, Culpepper wants out of Minnesota and he will get his wish. One very reliable Viking source told me: “he has no chance in hell of being back.”
  • I talked literally moments ago with a Chiefs source who said that T.O. would be in town immediately for them to attempt to sign.
  • A very close Colts source told me late last night that the Colts will use the new money gained with the CBA agreement to try to keep the Edge!
  • The Red Wings are desperately looking to get a defenseman today.
  • Kitna will look good in blue and silver!
  • I. Bruce would not only be a great WR for the Lions but more importantly a great teacher for these talented but under achieving guys.
  • If I had to pick today, I think the Lions will take the talented DB from the Longhorns: Mike Huff! Great pick and what a stud.
  • It is only 6 months and 29 days until the MSU vs. UM football game!

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!


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