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Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • On Friday’s Hondo’s House my guest will be University of Illinois head basketball coach Bruce Weber.
  • Listen people, there is real reasons to be excited that the NFL owners are getting their stuff together. It would appear (I just talked with a great NFL source) that the owners are very close to having a CBA. For you civilians that means collective bargaining agreement. That is what the NFL basis it’s business on. The owners have a teleconference scheduled for today and it is very close. Let us all hope that cooler heads prevail and it happens.
  • After talking to many people near and close to the decision, I would be surprised if Brett Favre did not return. If he had to make the decision today, he would be back.
  • The NFL competition committee is reviewing and it looks like they will pass that instant replay can review fumbles when the officials call down by contact. That is huge.
  • Vince Young’s poor wonderlic (read yesterday’s blog) although it should not have been disclosed, and the score doesn’t matter he is a baler, was accurate. He chose an agent with poor NFL experience and many feel that his agent’s failure to prepare him for it may cost him his job.
  • Zeke Thomas and Larry Brown were summoned to Texas for a meeting with the owner, who wanted to know why his $125 million, NBA’s largest payroll is not paying off.
  • When I was at the combine I met several new sources. I talked to one this morning who told me that when the Maryland TE Vernon Davis ran a sub 4.4 40 and had his interview, that he moved into the top 10.
  • MSU basketball needs to split the next 2 games at home to at least get to a 20-win season. Facing a huge rebuilding year next year that would be huge. One thing is certain, don’t count this team out folks.
  • Spartan Hockey with a big weekend off is set to win the CCHA. Rick Comley is clearly the coach of the year and his Spartan’s are fighting to continue make the coaches critics to look like idiots.
  • This Spartan hockey team has immense respect for what Comley has done and is doing so don’t think for one second that his great recruiting won’t get better when these young men start talking to the new recruits.
  • It is only 7 months and 7 days until the MSU vs. UM football game!

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!

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