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Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation.

  • As I told you here before it was public, the Vikings want badly to deal Culpepper. They have already begun talks with the Dolphins. The Vikings want more then a 2nd rounder but I was told by a source in Minneapolis, that they would take a high 2.
  • One NFL team official told me that they were informed by the Vince Young “camp” that he will only do interviews this weekend at the combine.
  • In tomorrow’s blog, I will give you a full detail report what is going on with the NFL CBA woes. Folks, no one wants this, but we could have a lockout if the owners cannot work out the issues. YUCK!
  • If the Ravens are unable to deal Jamal Lewis, they will place the franchise tag for one season on him.
  • There is a lot of speculation about the Lions and how they will react to the entire new environment that new head coach Rod Marinelli brings. That said; don’t be surprised if Charles Rogers comes out of this as the Lions comeback player. Mike Williams has some real issues and it will be interesting to see how he reacts.
  • Props to the Wolverines last night for a big win. Tommy Amaker did a great coaching job with his crew last night.
  • Tonight’s Big Ten game, MSU vs. Ohio State should be a good one. Trannon is a great loss, but State will win.
  • Make sure to watch Hondo’s House this Friday at 7:30, my guest will be Dave Dombrowski the Tigers GM.
  • Also, on Monday’s Hondo’s House, my guest for the entire half hour will be Lions President and CEO Matt Millen.
  • 7 month and 13 days until the MSU UM football game!

Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!

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