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  • I was appalled that the Izzone member who had the altercation with the UM basketball player (Ba) got escorted out of Breslin by the police but Ba got to stay. That was atrocious police work! I mean why didn’t they just tear gas the Izzone while they had the chance? The Izzone member was wrong, but so was the player. Come on people, do your job, pathetic!
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  • The Arrow has a great blog today about the incident. One thing is for sure that he may not write often, but when he does, it’s good!
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  • I am sick of people ripping MSU students whenever they can. I was not present for the young man to have his blood alcohol test, but let’s assume that he may have been, shall we say…. inebriated. People are ripping the Izzone, how many people in the suites, and how many in the stands had some pops before the game? The Izzone is made up of a great group of kids that love MSU, just like those in the crowd. When people are wrong, then go after them, but quit the politically correct branding of every member as Satan’s footstool. It is irresponsible and ignorant.
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  • It is only 7 months and 15 days until the MSU UM football game!
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  • I am very pleased to have as my special guest tonight on Hondo’s House the first black head coach in the SEC and a man widely respected around the nation as one of the best coaches and people in the game of football: Sylvester Croom.
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  • Ricky Williams it is being reported has failed his 4th NFL drug test. All involved are saying no comment, making us to believe it as true, or they would just say no. Way to go Ricky can’t leave the lettuce alone…pathetic!
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  • Huge props to MSU hockey! They had the 2 game sweep of the then #2 team in all the land and #1 in the CCHA Miami Red Hawks. Coach Comley has MSU hockey where we all want it and expect it. I have been an outspoken supporter from day one of him and I am very proud for him!
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Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!

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