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Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation. Just in case you want to know, it is 7 months and 27 days until the MSU vs. UM football game.

Lets get right to the various rants.

  • As I told you yesterday that if Kurt Warner was not able to get a contract with Arizona that he would consider Detroit, well I got called last night from a source in Arizona that he had signed that day and we saw it this morning.
  • Although OSU may want Eddie Sutton back, it is clear after talking to our source in Stillwater, that he is considering retiring, 6 victories short of 800. Although Sutton has earned the right to get that win, he did take 3 different schools to a final four, his respect for the game may force him to retire.
  • I am as baffled as anyone as to what has happened with Mo Ager. He is a good athlete and a fine young man, but I don’t get it. I was wrong about MSU winning by 3! OUCH!
  • The MSU hockey team has a huge 2 game series with the #1 Miami of Ohio Red Hawks. I certainly have been an outspoken supporter of Coach Comley, and I encourage everyone to get out to Munn for this.
  • The MSU vs. UM basketball game this weekend is critical for this program. I remember when we went to Ann Arbor a short time ago, and win or lose that game wasn’t an important to us as them. Now the tables have turned and this is a more critical game for MSU. I still see State winning…big…but facts are facts, this is more critical for MSU then UM.
  • I am going to have a lot of pro football news tomorrow. Sadly, I have to go to a funeral of a friend’s father, and that makes us all remember that all of sports are in perspective!
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Thanks everyone, hug your loved ones and remind them that you love them!