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Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation. I want to start out wishing all of the ladies who read Spartan Nation a big happy Valentines Day. I hope that you had a special day.

Lets get right to the various rants.

  • The Panthers Chris Weinke is very interested in an opportunity to come to Detroit. The Panther backup led Carolina to a come from behind victory against the Lions in Detroit during the 2005 season. He insists that he must have the real opportunity to compete for the starting job.
  • Don’t be surprised if the Lions decide that Joey is not the answer, or if Joey decides he wants out, if Kurt Warner gets a look. Much has been made about Warner and Martz’s relationship, but a source that knows them both says that it has been restored. Warner would love to stay in Arizona, but if that cannot work, Detroit is an option.
  • So much talk about the Lions wanting Joey, but most people don’t realize that Joey has a say. Not so fast people to think that Joey wants that. If this staff decides that they want him, then they have to recruit him to stay.
  • I took a lot of heat for saying that I thought the Spartans would lose to Minnesota but I was right. I am predicting MSU to win tonight in Iowa. I obviously proved with the Minnesota pick that I wasn’t picking as a homer, but I just don’t see Iowa winning here. I think the game will be close, but MSU wins. I do think that Izzo wills his club to the victory tonight! There is so much rampant speculation in Iowa that Steve is out the door and on his way to the IU job when embattled Mike Davis gets fired as soon as the season is over. I think that pressure and the mental stigma of getting hammered in Breslin, along with the MSU teams attitude about what happened in Minneapolis is too much for the Hawks!
  • One person not crying over the hard ship of Davis is one Bobby Knight out at Texas Tech. Knight felt mistreated by IU and wanted Davis to leave when he did.
  • 7 months and 28 days until the MSU U of M football game.
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Thanks everyone, have a great Valentines!