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Hello folks!

Thanks again for taking the time to read Spartan Nation. The MSU basketball team fell to #16, but to be frank, who really cares? Not me. I am only concerned with championships, whether it is Big Ten, or Big Ten tourney or NCAA that is what motivates me. Don’t get me wrong, I would like to be higher, but I am not losing any sleep. Here are some general rants for today’s blog.

  • My guest on Hondo’s House tonight at 7:30 is former Lion great QB Greg Landry. A true Pro-Bowl human, what a great guy. I really think that people will enjoy his perspective on a lot of stuff.
  • The Piston’s loss last night doesn’t bother me as much as I am hearing from other folks. First of all, when the Pistons show up people always bring their A game. Does anyone of us actually think that Shaq Fu Diesel can play that way in an entire series? I think not. I respect Miami but they aren’t even an issue in the Pistons march for yet another championship.
  • Here are my thoughts on MSU basketball. I hate to even equate this with each other, but we are very similar with UM football in that each night that we show up at anyone’s facility, it is like the Yankees. We get their best game. I think that some people just expected MSU to win, and if you take anyone in the Big Ten for granted then anyone can lose. I have never seen this team as dejected after a loss as I did on Saturday in MPLS. I don’t believe that anything good can come from a loss, but if MSU runs the table or has some great success in the tourney’s make sure you remember this loss.
  • I think the Lions made a very critical move in letting Martz bring many of his assistants from the Rams to the Lions. Because NFL assistant coach contracts allow the team with the contracts (the Lions) to forbid coaches from taking lateral moves without permission, that will protect us even if Martz should get another head coaching gig.
  • One of the reasons the Lions and Martz were able to come to an agreement was that Marts sought counsel from around the league and realized that he needed to address his “issues” whether real or perceived around the league and a “rehab” assignment with the dismal Lions offense will do just that. He is perceived around the league as a control freak and a bit of troublemaker within the organization. I talked with one of his former players who felt that the reputation was crap and that they folks in St. Louis actually had the issues. Regardless, perception is reality in a lot of issues, and if he gets along with Marinelli and fixes the Lions offense, he will be able to right his own ticket to another head job.
  • I hope that everyone who can makes plans to attend Munn this weekend. Rick Comley who has done a masterful job this season on the ice with the Spartans of course leads the resurgent Spartan hockey program. The Red Hawks come into Munn #1 in the land and this will allow MSU to make a big Statement.   If you go, show some love to the band and the slap shots, (think hockey Izzone) and please, forget its Munn and make some noise.
  • I am going to Daytona this weekend. I admit that I am not a big fan of NASCAR but I am learning. It should be great and I hope to have a lot of good info to pass on.

Thanks everyone, peace!

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