Hondo's goodbye tribute to Steve Yzerman!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Goodbye Steve, I for one will miss you.

It seems like yesterday but we all know it isn’t. In his first NHL game, my Dad and I were driving somewhere (I am to old to remember where) and he scored a goal. That was huge. Now my Dad gave me my love of sports but he is not a big hockey guy, but even he commented on that as the radio play-by-play folks talked about it.

That is how Steve Yzerman who retired from our beloved Wings will be remembered this week. He was never flashy but always efficient. I have met him many times with the job I have and even as a fan and he was always the consummate professional. Many times after a tough loss I approached him and most of the time he spoke and when he just didn’t want to, was always gracious and kind.

Steve was always what a city wanted in a hero. His blue-collar attitude, his taking the time for every kids request for an autograph and most of all a winner.

That’s how I will remember Steve, a winner. On the ice and off. A hero that I had the honor of getting to meet and spend time with, he came to Detroit a Canadian and left a Michigander. Thanks Steve.


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