How football got the casino bug

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How football got the casino bug

Given the outrageous fees that our nation's football stars receive for their on-field activities, it's no surprise that they will seek to spend some of their extra earnings in a few outlandish ways.

For some it can be spending a few million on a luxury home, whereas for others the profits can be spent on increasing their vintage car collection. However, some ingenuous football stars have recently sought to try and multiply their earnings by paying a visit to the casino.

One of the more shocking instances in recent years involved the former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice. In September last year, video surveillance footage revealed the star knocking out his wife with a single punch in the elevator of Revel Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.

But thankfully, most other football players have used casinos in a proper manner by enjoying a night at the gaming tables. For example, the former San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman has become increasingly seen at a variety of casinos, most notably playing blackjack at the opening of the Lavo Casino Club in Las Vegas.

Despite the enjoyment derived from such casino activities, the NFL has repeatedly tried to clamp down on its stars visiting the casinos. In June earlier this year several Miami Dolphins players including star tight-end Jordan Cameron were banned from attending a tournament at the Seminole Casino in Florida due to fears that their attendance could lead to the promotion of gambling. Despite this, many online sites such as have flourished through offering all of the traditional casino entertainment but from the convenience of a laptop or mobile device.

The former New England Patriots defensive tackle Richard Seymour has long promoted the benefits offered by a good game of poker. Having played the game from a young age, he frequently hosted poker nights with team-mates, and to this day he enjoys frequent appearances at respected poker competitions such as the World Series of Poker.

And whilst the safety Lawyer Milloy may have enjoyed a long and illustrious career with the likes of New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Buffalo Bills, and the Atlanta Falcons, he's recently been seen in the somewhat more relaxed circumstances of various poker tournaments. Not only did the star recently appear at a Cerebral Palsy Poker Tournament at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, but Milloy recently announced many further charity poker competitions via his Twitter account.