Interesting tid bit about West Viriginia's Rodriguez.

Hondo S. Carpenter

I have made it no secret that we here in the Spartan Nation have lots of love and respect for Rich Rodriguez the head coach at West Viriginia. We also were the first to report that a new deal was coming. Well now that it is here, it has some interesting morsels.

First, I have long said that Mark Richt of Georgia would be the next coach at FSU when Bobby Bowden retires. Anyways, Coach Rodriguez was able to lower his buy out when he got his new Mountaineer job, and people very close to coach are now hinting that he would like the FSU job when Bowden retires.

What makes this juicy and fun is that Bowden once coached at WVU before he was run out of town so maybe WVU could have two former Hall of Famers that coached there before going to FSU.

Now my sources down in the land of the Seminoles still think that Richt is the guy should he want the job, but this just makes it all so much more fun.


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