Kevin Thomas takes another guest author shot as he looks at who should be Heisman candidates

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 We might as well talk about the Heisman Trophy. Right now it appears to be a two man race between Tim Tebow of Florida and Darren McFadden of Arkansas, but a guy who won’t even be in New York for the presentation, but is probably more valuable to his team than anyone in the country, is Dennis Dixon from Oregon. Since Dixon’s ACL injury, not only has Oregon fallen off the map, they have struggled to even score or even move the football. Dixon had an impressive 20 touchdown passes to four interception ratio before going down, and a completion percentage of 67.7%, and ran for nine more touchdowns. Tebow himself is putting up unbelievable numbers, especially rushing touchdown numbers that no one else has seen before in accounting for over 50 touchdowns himself, and either he or McFadden will probably take home the trophy. Anyway, here is my handicapping of the Heisman race:


  1. Darren McFadden (Arkansas):Â 1,725 yards rushing with 15 rushing touchdowns,

                                                          one receiving touchdown, and four touchdown


A.    Reason to vote for him: Great body of work throughout career, running for 1558-yards last year with 14 touchdowns. Has seven touchdown passes in two years. Everyone knows he is going to get the ball and he still does damage.

B:Â Reason not to vote for him: Not as consistent early on as Tim Tebow was,

     and his coach getting fired doesn’t help, but it was not his fault.


  1. Tim Tebow (Florida): Passed for 3,125-yards with a touchdown to interception

                                          ratio of 29/6 and who also added 848 yards on the ground

                                          with 22 rushing touchdowns.

A.    Reason to vote for him: The guy has accounted for an unbelievable 51-

     touchdowns while playing in the tough SEC Conference.

B.    Reason not to vote for him: He is a Sophomore or you are blind, take your



  1. Chase Daniel (Missouri): Passed for 3,951-yards with a 33/9 touchdown to

                                              interception ratio. Also added 258-yards and three more

                                              scores on the ground.

A.    Reason to vote for him: Pulled Mizzou out of the dumps and led them to the

     Big-12 Championship game.

B.    Reason not to vote for him: Lost to Oklahoma in Championship game and

     their BCS hopes that went with it.


  1. Colt Brennan (Hawaii): 4,174-yards passing, with a 38/14 touchdown to

      interception ratio and also ran for eight touchdowns.

    1. Reason to vote for him: Undefeated record and plenty of records.
    2. Reason not to vote for him: Perhaps didn’t play the best competition.


    1. Todd Reesing (Kansas): 3,259-yards passing with 32/6 touchdown to interception

                                                 Ratio, also ran for 203 yards and two touchdowns.

      1. Reason to vote for him: Took a down football team and lead them to 11

           wins and a BCS Bowl with great passing accuracy.

        1. Reason not to vote for him: Couldn’t win the touted match up with Chase

             Daniel of Missouri despite a late comeback attempt


        1. Pat White (West Virginia): Passed for 1,548-yards with a 12/4 touchdown to

                                                              interception ratio and also ran for 1185-yards and

                                                              fourteen rushing touchdowns.

        A.Reason to vote for him: Impressive numbers in a balanced, mostly

             running West Virginia attack.

        B.Reason not to vote for him: His injury and losing to Pitt and thus not

             getting to the National Championship game probably put a nail in this



        1. Matt Ryan (Boston College): Passed for 4,258-yards with a 28/16 touchdown to

                                                      interception ratio and added one score on the ground.

                      A. Reason to vote for him: Made big plays in big games.

                      B.  Reason not to vote for him: His interception ratio is a little high.


        1. Dennis Dixon (Oregon): Passed for 2,136-yards with a 20/4 touchdown to

                                                      interception ratio. Ran for 583-yards and had nine rushing


        A.Reason to vote for him: No one is more valuable to their team this year.

        Reason not to vote for him: His ACL injury ended his season early.