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Lansing media not able to ask Weis questions!

Now in fairness it may be more than just us but today was the Charlie Weis weekly press conference. I (like I told Dantonio on Monday I would) wanted to ask Weis the following two-part question: "Coach Weis, last season you were able to get a personal foul penalty against MSU when you claimed you had been hit by Matt Trannon. In fact you were never touched, but the MSU player was by one of your assistant coaches. A) Did you call MSU and apologize for that lack of sportsmanship? Or what is your side? What happened?  B) Did you learn that from Belichick?" Now I wouldn't ask that, I just thought it was funny!

 No sooner was the presser over and my good friend Fred Heumann of WLNS called me and he had tried to ask a question and was frozen out and wanted to know if I had experienced the same? While on the phone with Fred, my other good buddy Joe Rexrode of the State Journal called asking if I had been kept out. 

Now I did leave a message with a number that has as of yet not been returned from Notre Dame on why, but Joe did talk to them and they told him that it is handled by an outside company. Kind of like when visiting teams to the Patriots have their head seats go out at inopportune times?Â


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