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Opening statement: "It was another good workday. I was impressed this morning - they came out and put a workman-like day in and that's impressive for us. They lined up and just kept working at it. We had a couple of guys banged up; I don't think it's real serious right now. We'll check on Shaun (Rogers), he fell on the ground on his shoulder. They're checking him out right now. I think everybody else is day-to-day right now and we're waiting to get them back."

On if he saw how DT Shaun Rogers' injury occurred: "It looked like he turned the corner and slipped, fell and landed on his shoulder. So we'll see how that goes. They'll check him this afternoon."

On getting LB Boss Bailey back in practice today: "That was great. We have to be smart with him - work him in day-by-day. He had him in individual drills and 7-on-7's, we'll just try to work him back in slow. It's a good way to start getting the redirection and some of those things right now."

On if the team is getting into the rhythm of the offense: "I like it. It's coming along right now and you can see that. Offense sometimes is tough because of the timing and precision of it all. But they're really working at it, and are coming out and competing really hard every day. We're putting such an emphasis on wanting to be a good running football team and the physical part of the game. They're doing a heck of a job with it and we'll keep working day-by-day as we're going."
On why Bailey is being switched to middle linebacker: "Our middle run-through guy has really got to be very athletic, speed, fast guy with great range. In the run game, we spill a lot of things and make the ball go lateral and you need some great speed there. So we've really added to our speed with Alex (Lewis), Ernie (Sims) and Boss - we're fast. So what you do is try to get a guy like that running downhill to the ball."

On the learning curve for LB Ernie Sims: "He's just learning. What happens for a lot of guys is that they come from college, know the system well and they're comfortable, and all of a sudden you're in here and you're making mistakes and you're getting corrected hard. It's a different system, he's doing things that are different for him and the pace is fast - he'll be fine."

On if anyone is standing out in training camp: "The two lines: the offensive and defensive lines. I've been impressed. We've hit, we've banged; they're working smart together. You can get a lot accomplished if you just work smart together. They've been doing a nice job; competing hard, staying up off the ground and working. I've been impressed with that."

On the precautions he's taking for the players in the heat: "You keep watering them down. There's periods during the day where you can see us take our hats off and cool down a little bit. You have to be smart with it. Our lighter practices are in the afternoon and we cut it down a little bit. Our trainers are on top of the heat index, and he informs me about it every day. We've just got to be smart and make sure we're watering the guys down and getting rest when we need it. It's a concern all of the way across the country. Coming from the south, I understand that."

On what's wrong with CB Fernando Bryant: "His hamstring - He's coming off a hamstring injury."