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Lloyd Carr's comments from today about the ASU loss (sounds like MSU coaches of the past):

Here are some of Coach Carr's comments during his weekly Big Ten teleconference that was held with him moments ago: 

"I think every team in the country has had problems with scrambling quarterbacks and we are certainly no exception to that." 

"I think the test of any team is how they handle disappointment. What we need to do is improve in the area of penalties. Particularly before the ball is snapped or after the whistle. I think the mood is one that is dedicated to being a better football team this week."

"...penalties put us into situations we didn't want to be in."

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"Every week your dealing with some type of issue from the is a lot more fun dealing with those issues after a win. You have to face the reality of your perofrmance and what you have to do to win."