Look out Bama here comes the Nicktator!

Hondo S. Carpenter

I admit freely that I don't like Nick Saban or even respect him. I think he is a great football coach but it ends there. With that said what is wrong? Does Bama really think that he will stay? 

Saban or "Satan" as some of his past players have called him to me is the Larry Brown of college football. He loves the romance and the flirting but most of all the green. Sadly a great school like Bama decides to make a deal with the...lets say the Nicktator and any chance of rebuilding will be gone when he gets restless and wants to leave.

I took so much grief from the Spartan Nation when I reported MSU wanted him when they had a search. When he didn't accept the MSU job I was emailed by Clint in Holt who said "Hondo you have no credibility. Saban would never leave the NFL. You just wanted to get the fans all excited thinking you had the scoop." Well Clint I was right. MSU was willing to go to $3 million a year but that was just not enough jack to bring him here. $4 million to Bama was.

Make no mistake he will win at Bama.  The question is will he win enough. In Baton Rouge an 11-1 or 10-2 season is acceptable. It Bama it isn't. Especially if you lose to Tubberville and the Tigers.

I can't root for Nick and I won't root for Nick. I know too much and can't root for people like him. Sadly the good people of Bama like the good folks Baton Rouge and of course the Spartan Nation will learn this also.

Congratulations Bama, you just got a coach that will give you two or maybe three peaceful years on the field, until someone else comes calling with pockets of jack.

I have no issues with him having left MSU, but I do with how he left. I do with off the field issues and they have followed him everywhere. Nick Saban can coach, it's everything else that goes with him that makes me say: thank God we didn't pony the jack, and we got ourselves a Spartan. Mark Dantonio, you look better all the time.

What do you think? Email me your thoughts or call the Hondo Hotline at 517-363-2258! I will post some of your emails on Thursday.

The Spartan Nation already knows the story we heard his denials both here and at LSU. If you want to read it then here is the link: http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=2718488




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