Martz and Marinelli not on their way to a show down, and the Lions players confirm it!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Martz and Marinelli not on their way to a show down, and the Lions players confirm it!

O.K. people there is a reason that so many of you read this site and send so many emails about the Lions. I think that you respect that I will tell you “I don’t know” if I don’t but I also won’t B.S. you.

You are hearing from the national media and some people in D-town how the Lions are afraid of a meltdown with Martz and Marinelli. How everyone is so afraid, and you even saw a complete fabrication that Martz “stormed” out of the Allen Park facility, although I feel the source to that story was at fault not the author. Well let me break it down for you.

CRAP! Yes people that is what that all is. I can assure you after talking to people close to Matt Millen that the last thing he or anyone else in the Lions organization is worried about is Sarge and Martz. These two are great football minds, neither are lacking self-esteem and they may have disagreements, (I do with my boss) but that is the normal workplace.

The point is that there are some people who liked the previous way things were done because it catered to the media. It catered to million dollar athletes working less then the local UPS guy.  Well things have changed in Lions land and it is awesome. Some people have an insatiable appetite to feel important and they try to send that feeling of arrogance to the viewers or readers. Those people don’t fly well with this system. I feel like I have a very good relationship with the Lions and the players. I don't have trouble getting them to talk. I also understand what should be kept quiet and what should be talked about. Let me give you an example.

I asked three current Lions what they thought of Sarge and Martz. I assured them that I wouldn’t divulge their names and they all have talked with me at length before on and off the record about real issues. My point is that if there was a problem, they would tell me.

Player number one said this about their relationship. “Hey they are football coaches and they sure as hell didn’t get to the NFL by being weak minded. I can tell you this Coach Marinelli (Sarge) wouldn’t want some of the old staff working for him. He wants men that a passionate and passionate people have opinions. I have played a lot of football and the least of my concerns are those two, Hondo.”

Player number two was very adamant about the relationship.  “From the first time we met coach (Sarge) he talked about being passionate about football. He preached it and he lives it. I would have been disappointed if the had any other kind of coaches. These guys care and they want to see football played like me with a vengeance. I laugh when I read how those two get along, I see it, and I for one think coach (Sarge) would be pissed off if Martz or any other coach on this team saw something that they thought could be better and didn't speak up. If he thought Beck had an idea for the D-line and he didn’t speak up, he’d go nuts. That’s what I mean. We aren’t offense or defense we are the Lions. Coach (Sarge) knows that Martz has been a great head coach, and I don’t think for one second he would be mad if Martz suggested a better way for him to be one. For the first time since I have been here, we are a family.”

Player three summed it up best about Sarge and Martz when he said, “Like you say Hondo, Sarge and Coach Martz are two very competitive men, all they want is to win, they ain’t got no time for feuding, I want some of those people making up that sh** to have to practice with us and realize we ain’t fooling.”

My point is that when you watch your Lions, it is fair to debate wins and loses and even failures and decisions. It is however unfair when the debate is fabricated and the Lions fans and organization deserve better. Like I always say, I cover the Lions but I am not ashamed to say I love the Lions. Unlike some members of my profession, I also pay thousands of dollars a year for club seats at the 50 so my family can enjoy and love the same Lions I do. I am passionate because I give them my time in my profession and my cash with my passion.



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