McNair's days with the Titans almost done...thank God for Steve!

Hondo S. Carpenter

Embattled Titan QB Steve McNair according to my source VERY CLOSE to the situation has an agreement with the Ravens to go to Baltimore to be the starting QB. The issue at hand is that the worst owner in football in my opinion: Bud “I have money and no football brains” Adams is making the GM Reese hold out for more in return on the trade.

Were are all of the national Millen critics that screamed how dumb Matt was for not doing the Dolphin deal with Joey (he did do it morons) screaming about the incompetence of the Titans? Everyone knows (I reported it first 2 months ago) that Coach Fish is gone barring a miracle season and they wouldn’t be able to let him go and the media gives the incompetent Titans organization a break because of him.

Learn two things from this situation people. Number one is that the Titans management team is terrible, although readers of Spartan Nation and viewers of the TV programs already know that. Number two that when you hear how bad the Lions are it is coming from people who have no integrity to judge others with the same standards that they use on the Lions. Has Matt doen everything right? Nope! Have any of us? Nope!Â

I feel bad for Vince Young, glad for a great human being in Steve McNair that he will get to leave, and I will be thrilled for Coach Fish when he is done with these clowns.


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