Michigan State Could Run The Table

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Alright, quit your howling… I know you read my headline and questioned my sanity. I truly mean it; Michigan State can run the table. I am not predicting a season ending 9-3 record, but I believe they have the ability to make one heck of a run at it.

Michigan State has a lot of those intangibles that make them dangerous. With the exception of the Boilermakers, Michigan State matches up well against all of their remaining opponents. Iowa’s offense is really very anemic. Their defense presents a challenge at times, but MSU should be able to wear them down in the second half and beat them deep with play action. Michigan should have lost this last weekend to Illinois. I give MSU the edge in this game because it is home against our archrival. Spartan Stadium will be rockin’. Purdue is totally up in the air. We could win by 21 or lose by 12. Who knows what Joe Tiller team will show up that weekend? Penn State is at home. It will be the last regular season game and I think they are very beatable.

Michigan State faced an OSU team that was vastly superior at almost every position on Saturday. Michigan State might… and I mean might have a better wideout, a comparable tailback and a superior defensive end. Aside from those positions we were outmanned. We didn’t give up and we lost to the #1 team in the country in front of 105,000 hostile Buckeye fans. It was even a game in the fourth quarter.

Michigan State has the weapons they need to win out. MSU has good quarterbacking. Yes, I am taking up for Brian Hoyer. Hoyer is a good quarterback and has been solid all season long. Enough of the message board crucifixions. He has been a solid performer. You’ll be singing his praises the next four weeks. Those of you that have been dogging him will either hide or become big Brian Hoyer fans. Hoyer ran into the best defense in the country this past weekend.

Michigan State’s running game will come alive again at Iowa. Michigan State will be confident against Michigan. I expect MSU to set some kind of an attendance record November 3rd. It will be too much for Michigan to overcome. It will look very much like the scene from A Christmas Story when Ralphy finally beats up the notorious playground bully Scut Farkus. It won’t be a blow out, but MSU wins November 3rd.

Purdue is just an awful opponent following Michigan. They spread you out. They are normally looking for a level of respectability in early November and Michigan State never seams to have enough DB’s to match up with Tiller’s imagination. I hate playing Purdue in November on the road. If we get through this one with a win, the Greek football Gods will have bestowed a gift upon our beloved Spartans.

Michigan State can and should beat Penn State. We have the players and the home stadium advantage to play four quarters with Penn State. Our ability to pressure the QB will be very important. I also believe that MSU will run the ball effectively against Penn State.

MSU goes 3-1 for the remainder of the season. The worst game on the schedule is against Purdue, but every one of these games is winnable for Michigan State. MSU needs to come out this weekend and beat Iowa. They cannot overlook Iowa and start thinking about UM. As long as MSU focuses on the game of the week, they’ll find themselves bowl bound and headed for warmer weather. I’ll see you there.