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News and Notes From Around the NFL

News and Notes from Around the NFL

If you are under the age of 40 and not a history buff, I doubt you can appreciate Al Davis. His last years leading his beloved franchise stunk. He did so much and is one of the big reasons we have the NFL that we do today. Complicated for sure, loyal without a doubt and an ICON. RIP Al.

I guess the Broncos have a QB controversy. The problem is simple. One AFC scout breaks it down like this for us, “If you don’t think he can play you trade him earlier this season. Like it or not his teammates and the fans respond to him and you now have problems in Denver. Good for me, bad for them.”

The dream team is now officially the nightmare team. Let this once again demonstrate to the world that money can buy players, it can’t buy chemistry. Just look north Philly at Buffalo who has all the chemistry and not all the stars.

Am I the only person thinking that Jay Cutler is sitting in the fetal position at his hotel thinking about his porous offensive line and that ferocious Lions defensive line? Years of Lions fans and Lions frustration should be released on national TV tonight.

How is my Falcons pick working out? Not panic time, but does anyone realistically think they can stop Green Bay?

Eagle Coach Andy Reid says the failure of his team is, “My fault.” In breaking news 2+2=4 and the people who most appreciate the collapse of the dream team are the Skins. Hey look we aren’t as bad as they are.

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Speaking of the Skins, Jon Gruden is eyeing Miami and the opportunity to get Andrew Luck. Hmmm

Andy Dalton the Bengals new QB continues to do well and around the NFL the sentiment about the Carson Palmer fiasco grows. One NFC front office member of management told me this morning, “I get it that they (Bengals) feel disrespected, but how do they think their fans felt over the years? Trade the guy and show your fans you can get something for him and get better.”

Leading sentiment among the NFL is that the Seahawks would trade yesterday for Palmer. A team desperate for a trade can make mistakes. Just revisit the Vikings trade with Jimmy Johnson for Herschel Walker. The deal set the Cowboys up for nearly fifteen years and set the Vikings back by a decade.

How about the 49ers? Amazing example of the difference a coach can make.

Jack Del Rio in Jacksonville is coming to an end. 

People who are part of the 49ers organization tell me that, “Coach Harbaugh is an amazing leader. I have heard of player’s coaches and disciplinarians, but he is both. He never doubted that we could win and didn’t have a five-year, three year or two year plan. From the moment he came in he said we could and would win now.”

Suck for Luck? Looks like Indy has a good shot. What do you think Indy does if they get the #1 pick? I say they take Luck and do what the Packers did with Rodgers and Favre. The issue is whether or not Luck would be patient like Rodgers?

People looking for a locker room meltdown in NY for the Jets are not going to be happy. They are solid and united and I expect them to get it fixed. They are fine.