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News and Notes from Around the NFL

You always hear in sports about chemistry and the locker room dynamic. At no time in my memory may that theory be proven right or wrong, like it possibly could this season in Chicago. By all accounts (players, coaches and management) Olin Kreutz was glue for the Bears. His departure has made players, coaches and even some in management according to a player, “Pissed.” Does winning cure all or can that dynamic preached by players, coaches and even media prove true this year? One Bears player told me this morning, “The only other player they could have got rid of that would have had this much impact would have been Brian (Urlacher) and I am just as shocked as if they had. If you are a Bears fan that can’t be good.

Look for three-time pro bowl DT Tommie Harris to sign with the Patriots. He would love to the join the evolving defense of Coach Belichick and he has a lot to prove. He is already at the team’s facilities as I write this and I know he would love to be a Patriot.

Plaxico Burress was open to going back to the Giants, but when they low-balled him with an unacceptable offer, it was over. He loves Rex Ryan and when the Giants didn’t step up it was over. How much do you think he is looking forward to playing them this season?

The Bengals decision to bring back Cedric Benson proves that they don’t care about the off field issues. Just be cheap. Sad time to be a Bengals fan.

Braylon Edwards not going back to the Jets may have shocked him, but it didn’t the players. His Prima Donna attitude and actions just don’t work on a team with better players who have a blue-collar work ethic. As we have said on Spartan Nation Radio all summer, we didn’t expect him back and he isn’t. 

With all of the talk about the Eagles and they have earned it, the Patriots have made the most significant moves to set themselves up for a Super Bowl. Belichick is amazing at motivating and getting guys to conform. They understand the Patriot way. Ochocinco has proven that. He has been a great citizen in his short time. Asking questions, taking nominal hazing and just being a team guy. We certainly have a lot of time for injuries and other issues to shake out, but as of now they have to be the odds on favorite to make it back to the Super Bowl.

Stephen Tulloch the new Lion could be the best free agent signing of the season. With the DL that the Lions will have on the field he will be moping up tackles and the way his deal is structured he will get a monster pay day for it. He looked around, but in the end he saw what he had in front of him (literally) and it was a no brainer.

Vince Young in one of the most hectic weeks in NFL memory got the biggest laugh this week. The recently signed Eagles third string QB was quoted as saying, “We (he and Vick) will compete.” Memo to Vince: no you won’t. One NFL scout told me, “He really is that delusional.”


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