Hondo S. Carpenter

I would have bet money that what happened to the Pistons wouldn’t have. I know that I told you all that the only team that could beat the Pistons was the Pistons and they proved me right. The problem is that I never thought they would beat themselves.

The Pistons quit on themselves. Chauncey played well, but not great. Tayshaun played good the whole series and Rip was Rip. The issues come down low. Ben is upset because he gets so much criticism for not scoring but Flip has him completely out of the rotation. He can score we saw that last season with Larry Brown. The issue is that he wasn’t involved and how could he be? When guys pop jump shot before they let him get set in the paint how can he get his 8-10 offensive rebounds?

I have said plenty on Rasheed and I certainly don’t need to regurgitate that issue but he has to go. Look for Amir Johnson will get more playing time next season and that is a real good thing. He brings so much to the table in being an athletic big man.

Look for more in the late summer.


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