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Spartan Nation 2007 scouting report: Indiana Hoosiers

Spartan Nation 2007 scouting report:Â Indiana Hoosiers

Predicted record:Â 4-8 (1-7)

Projected Big Ten standing:Â 10th

Returning Starters: OFFENSE: 9 DEFENSE: 7  Lettermen return: 42

Head Coach: Bill Lynch (Interim) 0-0 Lifetime 81-67-3Top assistant: Brian George/Joe Palcic Co DC’s
This is such a hard preview to write. My friend Terry Hoeppner only wanted to coach at IU and he was so passionate and excited to be there. Sadly as you know he passed from complications with a brain tumor and now his OC Bill Lynch takes over.

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Coach Hep was the heart and soul of this team and although with Coach Hep I thought that they had a chance to make it to a bowl, I just don’t see it now. This team is going through a draining emotional roller coaster and the “Win one for Hep” which they will hear from the fans all season, thou truly inspiring will be emotionally draining. I have them pegged for one win in the Big Ten and I frankly admit that I very well may have thrown away objectivity when I saw that it was the only chance they had.

They will battle Minnesota for the bottom spot. One thing that is a plus is that Lynch guided the Hoosiers through the spring and he didn’t release any staff nor change any schemes. The Hoosiers are led on offense by my All Spartan Nation first team Big Ten WR James Hardy. This big tough (6â��™ 7” 225#) receiver has pro scouts drooling and in the Indiana wide-open attack (as Spartan fans know all to well) he is a threat from anywhere on the field. At QB a fine youngster in Kellen Lewis that is smart and talented leads them. He is a kid that doesn’t take risks and lives with Hep’s idea that it is better to throw one away then take a sack or commit the unpardonable sin of an interception.

Their defense will be better but not great and I actually think you will see a lot more emphasis on special teams. Again, losing a coach, and more importantly one that was loved deeply by his players like Hep was is so much to overcome. Emotionally, it may be too big a mountain.

I truly believe in my heart however, that college football fans are great people and I think that it is safe to say that this FOOTBALL season, we are all Hoosiers. I would however reiterate what I told Hep many times, just not when they play MSU.

Coming on Monday:Â Northwestern Wildcats!