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Spartan Nation Officially Watching UM go Through Their JLS Years as Duke Point Guard Emerges...

We all knew that when the University of Michigan hired Rich Rodriguez there would be some rough patches and new schemes, but this morning in what could perhaps become one of the most bizarre ending to a college career ever, Former Duke Point Guard, that’s right Point Guard, Greg Paulus confirmed that he has been offered a scholarship to compete for the starting Quarterback job in Ann Arbor.


If you feel the need to read that again please do. It’s OK, I’ll wait, I know how confusing this sounds.


The Question that has undoubtedly been posed to Rich Rod numerous times already has to be “Why?”


Now, Paulus was the National Player of the Year in Football his senior season in High School and did have offers to play, and most likely compete for the starting position right away, at tons of schools notably headlined by Miami (FL) and Notre Dame. But he hasn’t thrown a football in four years! For some QB’s it takes nearly two years to learn a system, let alone get their arm strength up to par.


What’s even more bizarre is that Michigan’s system is a terrible fit for whatever remains of Paulus’s skill set. He ran a version of the spread in High School but it was, as his coach said “a spread to throw”, in other words, the exact opposite of Michigan’s current scheme. Asking Paulus to run the ball may not be the best idea. As he proved in his four years at the point on tobacco road, Paulus is not exactly the dynamic type of player, regardless of the sport, that has the physical attributes to succeed in this style. He’s pretty much as different from Pat White as you can get., rather slow footed and a slightly above average athlete.


Not only does Paulus have all the aforementioned flaws, if he were to accept the scholarship and go to Ann Arbor, he would miss out on Spring practice, which is precious time for a developing QB.


The most peculiar part of this entire situation is the fact that Michigan has two very promising true freshman QB’s already on the roster, in Tate Forcier and Denard Robinson, both of whom are much more suited to the system in place then Paulus would be.


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Forcier was one of the highest recruited players at his position this past year, and Robinson is supposed to be something like the second coming of Pat White. Forcier has drawn comparisons to Jeff Garcia and seems to be sloted in as the starting QB, with Robinson supplementing him in a DJ Shockley type capacity.


The future of the position lies in those two players and bringing in Paulus would just set Michigan back another year, maybe even two considering the inexperience of the two QB’s already on the roster. This raises the question, what is going on with Rich Rod? He’s got the pieces in place to silence many of his critics (and there are plenty) but he wants to abort the future for a year (a bad idea) spend a scholarship on a player who hasn’t thrown a ball in four years and doesn’t fit his system (a worse idea), and give him a very good shot at starting right away (the worst idea)!


If this does actually take place and Paulus doesn’t come to his good senses and go overseas to continue his basketball career, Michigan will regret it and it could ultimately cost Rich Rod his job if they fail badly enough.


For a program that has been viewed as one of the pillars of college football for the last half century (rightfully so or not), this is an incredibly risky move that makes anyone who knows the game of football call the already questionable decision making of the entire program into question yet again. Coach Rodriguez is on a slippery slope after just one year, so he’d better hope the former Blue Devil can perform like a Maize and Blue Angel under center…if he makes it there.


The Spartan Nation has taken the advice of T.O. and sat back with their popcorn to watch what should be a great show. For Michigan fans…well…let’s just say they are enjoying their JLS years.