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Hondo S. Carpenter

Let The Games Begin! 

By Dave THE ARROW SpencerO.K. June is here and we can officially start caring about baseball and what

the Tiger's are going to do now that the REAL season has started. Detroit

got off to a great start on the first of the month battling back to overcome

the mighty Yankee's by bailing out there young star Justin Verlander with

some ninth innings heroics... but they lost the home-stand series to the

Yank's then turned around and lost another home series to the Red Sox.

These two series were supposed to be the barometer, to see how we measure up

with the big boys in the league and we did O.K., maybe a little better than

O.K. depending how you look at things. Since this is the start of the season

we did what we were expected to do, played the teams competitively, gave

them something to think about and even stole a couple games. But coming off

the PRE-SEASON we were the favorites we were the one's they were supposed to

fear... we still have a long way to go before anyone fears the mighty


But hey these games are fun to watch isn't that what this is all about, I

don't turn on a game anymore and think "how are they going to blow this

lead?" I actually believe that they are going to pull it out and sometimes

they do and I haven't been this excited about the Tiger's pitching... ever!

That said the Tigers have big games coming up and already find themselves in

a hole. In order for this team to play meaningful games in the fall the are

going to have find ways to keep a lead when it matters most. Last year the

White Sox won games because they were lucky and did the little things when

a victory was in sight, they were then able to build on the momentum and

eventually they won games just because they believed they were going to pull

it out, until we get over that mental plateau The Tigers will always be

overachievers instead of taking their rightful place at the top.





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